Kids will love giving these printable bubble valentines to friends and classmates, and parents will love them because there’s no candy involved!

Printable Bubble Valentines

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, you’ll want to get ahead of the game with these simple printable valentines.

These cute ones are super simple, and kids will love getting their own bubble wands!

Why DIY Valentines Rock:

There may be cute store-bought options when it comes to valentines, but it’s way more fun to make your own! I love any excuse for extra crafting time with my children, and a craft like this valentine craft is easy to do with kids!

It’s also really cool to see your little ones put their own personality into the valentines they will had out to their classmates. My daughter is so excited whenever she gets to hand out a valentine that is different from what the other kids are bringing in, too.

Making homemade valentines also shows kids how meaningful it is to put thought into a gift or card for someone they care about.

They also make a nice memento. I always keep one of my daughter’s DIY creations and tuck it into whatever photo album/ scrapbook I place her pictures and artwork in for the school year as a reminder of what she was into and how crafty she was at that age.

Another awesome aspect to DIY valentines, is that depending on the kind you want to make, and the stock you have in your crafting area, it might even save you money to make your own!

printable bubble valentines so cute

Here’s what you need to make our printable bubble valentines(affiliate links)

printable bubble valentines your friendship blows me away

How To Make Your Printable Bubble Valentine

  • First, download our Printable Bubble Valentines Cards and print them on white cardstock.
  • Cut out the cards.
  • Attach the mini bubble wands using the washi tape, and let your child write their name on the cards.
  • Pass them out to your child’s friends. It’s that easy!

More DIY Valentines

valentines heart stones craft

Leave a comment: What kind of crafts does your family like to make for Valentine’s Day?

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