We’ve found the best  Kids Valentines for School on the web and wanted to share some of our favorites with you. With school parties coming soon, this list of school valentines ideas has all that you need to make Valentine’s Day treats that your kids can’t wait to share with their friends.

Valentines for School

We even have Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards for you to download too!

Kids Valentines Ideas for School

Do your kids get excited to share Valentine’s with their friends? Mine do! We love getting ready for Valentine’s Day class parties and deciding on the perfect treat to hand out to their friends.

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Printable Valentines pdf: You color My world with arrow that says just add crayons - Happy Valentines day to and from lines in bright colors - Kids Activities blog
Download & Print These Cute Valentines for School

Let’s start with a quick Valentines idea for kids: You Color My World free Valentines printable. With this Valentines printable, you will get a full page of kids’ Valentine’s cards. There are 4 cars and each one says “You Color My World” and a place to sign your name at the bottom. Click the red button to download the Valentines pdf now:

Psst…there are more printable Valentines ideas below.


Most of the cute kid Valentine cards sayings are a pun around a theme. You can easily DIY these with use of the word or what the word sounds like. Here are a few of ideas from our list:

  • Cereal themed, “I cerealsly like you Valentine!”
  • Clothing themed, “You are just my style!”
  • Crayon themed, “Color your heart out, Valentine!”
  • Play Doh themed, “Doh You Want to Be my Valentine?”
  • Watercolor paint theme, “You make me happy when skies are gray.”
  • Bubble theme, “Your friendship blows me away!”
  • Friendship bracelet theme, “Our class would KNOT be the same without you!”
  • LEGO theme, “I hope our CONNECTION will never LEGO.”
  • Fish theme, “Glad we are in the same school.”
  • Pop Rock theme, “Have a rocking Valentines Day!”

Class Valentine Ideas

Make these cards a little more special by adding:

  • Mini colored pencils
  • A couple crayons
  • Water paints
  • Markers
  • Chalk

Keep reading for a bunch more specific ways to customize your child’s school Valentines.

Cute Valentines Ideas

Kids Valentines For School Without Candy

1. Kids Valentines Cards

Make your own Heart Crayons that kids will love. You can make them solid colors or mix and match colors! They are super simple to make all you need is crayons and a heart silicone mold.

2. Water Paint Valentine’s Day Cards

What can you give instead of candy? Water paints! Water paints are inexpensive, colorful, and fun! Plus, you can attach these adorable free printables to them!

3. Playdough Valentines

What kid wouldn’t be excited about  Play-Doh Valentines!? All you need is the small cups of playdough and stick them to these super cute free Valentines printable.

4. Bubble Valentines

Who doesn’t love bubbles? Bubbles were one of my favorite things as a kid. Who am I kidding, they still are one of my favorite things. That is why I love this bubbles Valentine so much. It is cheap to make, super pretty and cute, and even better, it comes with a free printable.

5. DIY Cereal Valentines

Personalized spoons are the perfect addition to cereal Valentines. Use letter beads to spell out names on plastic spoons and use heart tape to stick them to a mini box of cereal. Don’t forget to add the free punny Valentines day card!

6. Valentines Day Cards For Kids

Who couldn’t use a spare notebook  — perfect for school! These mini composition books and pencils can be found at Dollar Tree. So it is cheap and easy to put together. This too has a free printable and I love the pun! I think this is one of my favorite Valentine’s day cards for kids.

7. Finger Paint Valentine

Make your own finger paint for an awesome candy alternative. You probably will have most of the ingredients already in your pantry as it uses water, corn starch, and salt. This is one of many cute Valentines’ ideas that don’t involve candy.

Valentine Exchange Cards Without Candy

8. Homemade Chalkboard Valentine And Printable

I love these handmade chalkboard Valentines. Who knew washi tape could look so nice? It really makes the plain chalkboard look festive! Add a piece of chalk. Make it even more fun and stick a piece of colored chalk to it.

9. Free Printable Tattoo Valentines

Try something different with Printable Tattoo Valentines. This Valentines for kids comes with a kids Valentine’s cards and free printable tattoos! You will need printable tattoo paper for this to work though.

10. Glow Stick Valentine Craft

How awesome are these Glow Stick Valentines!? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love glow sticks! You can also find these at the dollar store making this a Valentine for kids that doesn’t break the bank. Plus, the free printable is super cute and uses all the colors you’d find glow sticks in!

11. Pop Top Valentines In A Can

Make Valentines in a Can with just a few supplies. This is such a unique Valentine’s idea. Plus, it is a great way to reuse things in your house rather than just throwing them out. I love going green! The can needs to have a pop-top for this to work though.

12. DIY Playing Card Valentines

Glue playing cards to construction paper for an easy idea. You can pair the cards up, write sweet words to your friends. Each Playing Card phrase is on this website so you don’t have to work too hard to make these awesome cards.

13. Valentine’s Day For Kids

Do you remember the plastic frogs that if you pressed the tab they flipped? Add these to a cute frog-themed Valentine’s Day card. How cute are these frog Valentines?

14. Melting Heart Slime

Slime is all the rage right now. Every time you turn around there is a new slime kit at the store. Some of it is really cool though. Like how awesome is this Melting Heart Slime? It is red, shiny, and sparkly!

15. You Rock Valentines Box

Paint a rock for a handmade Valentines gift. All you need is a flat smooth, paint, and a matchbox. This is an interesting way to give someone your heard. Plus, you could easily add glitter or use stickers or markers instead of paint.

16. You Rule Valentines Day Card

This is another school supply Valentines day card. Use this printable to stick your rulers through. Make them more fun and silly by adding googly eyes to the cards.

17. I Like You Berry Much

Attach Cupid’s arrows to  applesauce pouches  for a cute class Valentine. It’s healthier than candy, but still sweet and fruity. It makes for the perfect snack. Plus, GoGo Squeez makes different flavored apple sauces. Mix it up!

18. Valentines Day For Kids

What kid wouldn’t want some Doughnut Hole Valentines?  You can get 50 donut holes at Dunkin Donuts for about $10. That is more than enough for a normal sized classroom!

19. Edible Scrabble Valentines Day Cards

I want some of these Edible Scrabble Valentines for myself! This is a snack you can play with! All you need are these super cute printables and a box of Scrabble Cheez-its. You can use the card to spell words with the crackers.

20. Valentines Day Candy Alternatives

How about a healthy alternative with Cheese Stick Valentines? Want something a little more friendly for everyone? You could use all-natural fruit strips or animal crackers. Or you could use granola thins from Nature Valley, pretzels, or drinks like Snapple. There are so many alternatives for Valentines Day candy!

21. Valentines Day Popcorn

Grab some microwave popcorn for these cute cards. At Walmart, you can grab boxes of popcorn with 24-30 pouches in them. That is more than enough for a normal-sized class. You could also make this a sweet treat and buy kettle corn instead.

22. Peas & Carrots Kids Valentines Cards

These Valentines for kids have cute little peas and carrots on them. Use jewelry bags to give each kid some carrots to munch on. It is a crunchy healthy snack!

23. You Make My Heart Bounce

These bouncy ball cards make my heart bounce and are such a cute Valentines day gift. Plus, it is a good alternative to candy. You can use larger balls or if you use smaller bouncy balls, you could use jewelry bags to hold them.

24. Kool Kids Valentines Cards

I like this one, it’s different. It isn’t too often you get a drink for Valentine’s day instead of candy, snack, or toy. So that makes these Kool Aid Valentines super cool.

Printable Valentines for School

25. Orange You Glad We’re Friends

There are 2 different free printables you can use. One is a pun and the other is more traditional, but both go well with these delicious orange slices. These have always been one of my favorite candies!


Kids Candy Valentines for School

26. Ring Pop Valentines

I forgot how popular these used to be! Every kid could use a Ring Pop. They’re a sucker you can wear and edible candy is totally perfect for Valentine’s day! Place them in a cute baggie and add themed washi tape and you’re ready to go!

27. Valentines Day Ideas For Kids

You’re the bomb! This little stick of tasty dynamite is super cute! Wrap up Rolos for these You’re The Bomb Valentines. All you really need is construction paper, rolos, a rubber band, glue, and a shiny pipe cleaner. Easy peasy!

28. M&M Valentines Printable

Looking for more valentines for kids? We got them! Print out tags and attach them to M&Ms for a cute candy valentine idea. To make this Valentine’s idea even cuter order customized M&M’s and put them in a cute heart-shaped container.

29. Valentines Ideas

Taste the rainbow this Valentine’s day by adding Skittles to these Rainbow Valentines for a colorful card. The best part is they have so many different flavored Skittles so you can use whatever your children’s favorites are.

30. Printable Pop Rocks Valentine’s Day Gift Tags

I remember the first time I had pop rocks they blew my mind! They’re such cool candy. So why not make a cool kid’s Valentines cards. Attach tags to  Pop Rocks for a-rockin’ Valentine’s Day cards.

31. You Rock Valentines Day Card

Rock candy is a classic candy I think everyone can recognize. I LOVE these super cute Rock Candy Valentines. Use the red, purple, and pink suckers to keep with the Valentine’s day theme.

100 Class Valentines for Kids

32. Bubble Gum Valentine Craft

You blow up my heart! Isn’t that such a cute card! Add gumballs to a tube for this adorable idea for an easy Valentine. Or go all out and create this super cute paper and plastic heart-shaped bubble gum container.

33. Valentines For Kids

Swedish Fish in a fish bowl are so cute for school! It’s a unique Valentines card and of course there is a wonderful pun on it. But pun aside it has some of the best candy in them! Swedish fish! They used various flavors, which I didn’t even know existed.

34. Valentines Ideas For Kids

This is by far the cutest Valentine. I keep saying that, but I love this one. Take a photo of your child and add a lollipop so it looks like they’re handing their friends the lollipop. Everyone loves Lollipop Valentines!

35. Robot Valentines Day Cards

Add candy hearts to Robot Valentines for an easy Valentine. There are so many different chocolate hearts to choose from, but I really like Dove chocolate. It’s smooth and you can choose between milk chocolate or dark chocolate, or why not a mixture of both!


Non Candy Valentines for School

36. Lighting McQueen Valentines

What boy wouldn’t love Lightning McQueen Valentines?!  All you have to do is print out the McQueen cards and then add a toy! You could add a Lightning McQueen car, bubbles, car sticks, bouncing balls, mini Yo-Yos and more!

37. Coloring Valentines Cards

Kids will love coloring these Big Hero 6 Valentines! Print and cut them out and then stick 2 crayons to the back of them. You can buy a large box at most stores. Make sure you use a tape that comes off of paper easily like scotch tape or masking tape. Anything too sticky will rip the coloring page.

38. Free Printable Disney Frozen Valentines

How cute are these Frozen Valentines!? These free printable tags go perfectly with these Frozen fruit snacks! There are two Valentines tags to choose from. One with the Princesses and the other with Olaf the snowman.

Video: Kids Valentines Day Ideas

 Valentines Class Gifts

39. Valentines Day Idea For School

How cute are these Valentines Card Sets!? There are 26 to choose from. They range from traditional cards to game-themed treat boxes, folded fortune cookies, and more.

40. Valentine Mazes

These Valentine’s Day Maze printables are adorable and quick if you’re running around last minute trying to get everything ready for your child’s Valentines day party. Life gets in the way sometimes, totally get it.

41. Scratch-Off Ticket Valentines

Scratch-offs are so much fun. It was always so much fun to scratch off the numbers on your gift cards as a kid or, and maybe this is just my parents, the remaining silver off of used lottery tickets. Now you can make your own Valentines Day scratch-offs. What will you win with  Scratch-off Valentines?!

42. Easy Class Valentines

Need fast and simple Valentines ideas? These free printable pencil holder Valentines are just that! Just add a pencil and you’re set. I like the sparkly pink pencils they used! But you could use plain pencils, themed pencils, or various sparkly ones.

43. Paper Airplane Valentine

I love these Paper Airplane Valentines! They’re so cute and look like they’re made from traditional stationery. Plus, they have super sweet messages written on them. Not to mention, what kid doesn’t love throw a paper airplane?!

44. Blowing Love Your Way

How cute are these Blowing Love Your Way cards? This is more suitable for a best friend or family member, it would be a lot of work to make a lot of these. But they are precious nonetheless.

45. You’re All That And A Bag Of Chips

I love that saying, and this is such a cute way to give out snacks on Valentines day. Just add a bag of chips. Or if you’re handing these out to a classroom then you can use the snack bags of chips. via My 3 Monsters

Valentines Kids Will Want To Give Friends

46. Secret Message Valentine

These are so cool! This card is not only super cute, but a lot of fun. Just add watercolor to reveal the secret message, but the watercolor is already on the printable as you put enough on there for them to use! How awesome!

47. Tic Tac Toe Valentine Cards

Play Tic-Tac-Toe with actual Tic-Tacs! Cute! Trying to avoid sugar? While tic tacs are not too bad, you could always provide stickers or stamps with each card if you’re trying to cut out candy.

48. DIY Valentine Printable

Use Starbursts or Starburst gum as the treat and add the free printable to let your friends know that they are stars! This is a super cute card and a sweet card.

49. Kinetic Sand Valentine

Give classmates something they can play with —  Kinetic Sand Valentines. Dole out different colored kinetic sand in disposable sauce cups and then glue on the free printable Valentine’s Day card on the lid. Each card is a different color. Match them up or mix and match the sand and cards.

50. Handmade Valentines Envelopes

Sewing is a life skill everyone should know! If your child knows how to sew or you’ve been wanting to teach them how this Valentines day card project is the perfect time. These Handmade Valentines Envelopes made from felt are so cute!

51. Valentines Day Printables

All the cool kids will love these Valentines day cards. These cards are cute, diverse, and great to add to any baggy of treats. They used popcorn, but you could easily use any snacks like Sweet Tarts, pretzels, chips, M&M’s.

52. Adorable Bunny Valentine Cards

Print your own Bunny Valentines Cards. Each one is cute and says something different. The best part is you can color them! Add crayons to go with them, mini colored pencils, or go the traditional route and add a sucker!

53. Printable Valentines Day Cards For Kids

Want even more Valentines ideas for kids? Here are 50 cute Valentines ideas that range from treats to toys to traditional cards. There is something for everyone and they’re all free!

54. Nerdy Valentine’s Day Cards

Finally! Valentine’s day cards for nerds! Some of us are gamers and love our tech and computers. There are coding puns, keyboard puns, and console puns.

55. Free Printable School Valentines Day Cards

These Class Valentines are simply adorable. You can add candy-like Sixlets, Gobstoppers, or even pencils, friendship bracelets. There are so many different things you can use. Sometimes simple is better.

Valentines for Boys for School


56. Video Game Valentine Printables

XBox aficionados will love these Gamer Valentines. These are perfect and simple. Hand them out as is or add candies, pencils, or stick them on sodas! Everyone knows the soda for gamers is Mountain Dew!

57. Punch Balloon Valentines

How about some punch balloon Valentines? These are so much fun! Add a balloon to each bag, some Valentines confetti, and seal the bags with a free printable Valentine’s day card.

58. Space Valentine’s Day Cards

Add a bouncy ball to this super cute planet printable card for your space lovers. This is a really cute card, be sure to use a bright Sharpie marker like gold or silver to sign your name.

59. DIY Valentine Chocolate Boxes

Turn a store-bought card into a cute box of chocolates. You use an empty soap box to hold the candies, like Hershey chocolates, then wrap the box in pretty wrapping paper, tissue paper, or scrapbook paper. Once it is wrapped in pretty paper be sure to add stickers and your card.

60. Printable Valentines For Kids

Love is a Battlefield and these cards show it! These are perfect for boys (or girls) who love the little green plastic soldier! use pretty washi tape to add them to the card. Not only is it cute, a great candy alternative, but it is a reminder to parents of the awesome Pat Benatar song from the 80’s.

61. Cute Monster Valentines

Monsters don’t have to be scary with these cute cards. Add eye finger puppets to each card. They made it not only more silly but also provide a toy for kids to play with.

62. DIY Lego Move Valentines

These LEGO Movie Valentines are awesome, literally! What kids don’t love Legos? Add each card to a small jewelry bag and then add a handful of mini Legos. Not only is it a totally awesome Valentines card, but is a great alternative to sweets.

Valentines for Girls for School

63. Easy DIY Star Wars Valentines

Star Wars is all the rage right now. Whether because of the controversial new movies or because of the Mandalorian I am not really sure. But these Star Wars Valentines  meet Angry Birds in these cute cards. Add them to a treat bad along with Angry Bird Star Wars erasers.

64. Valentines For Lego Lovers

LEGO mini-figures Valentines are perfect for LEGO fans. Buy Lego Mini-figures at Target and then add a free printable for the perfect Valentine gift!

65. Printable Minecraft Valentines

Wrap a stick of gum to create Minecraft Creeper Valentines. These are actually super cute especially since Minecraft is such a popular game and even used in some schools for educational purposes.

66. Printable Minions Valentines

Minion fans will love these adorable cards. They’re sweet and simple and can be handed out as is or you could easily add a pencil, sucker, or stick a Hershey kiss on it!

67. Free Minecraft Valentines Day Cards

Print and hand out cute Minecraft Valentines. They are nerdy and cute and focus on different aspects of the game including monsters, rare items, rare materials, and TNT.

68. Mustache Valentines

I mustache you a question — will your boys love these? Mine will! I won’t lie, fake mustaches are so much fun for those of us who are mustache-less. They are funny, silly, and a great way to promote pretend play.

69. Erupting Volcano Dinosaur Valentine

How about an erupting volcano Valentine? This is such a cute (and messy idea). Plus, it makes an amazing science experiment! Everyone loves the erupting volcano science experiment. Even better, there is a dinosaur attached to take part in this activity.

70. Free Printable Car Valentine

We “wheelie” like these car Valentines. This is one of our many Valentines day ideas for kids that we love. It not only has a pun, but has a little road to drive your little car on!

71. Super Hero Valentines

Super hero masks are a cute candy alternative! It will take a little more work, but is perfect for kids. Plus, it promotes pretend play which is super important and your kids will feel super!

Printable Valentines Cards


72. Paper Doll Valentines

It has been a hot minute since I’ve seen or played with paper dolls. They used to be one of my favorite things as a kid. These vintage paper doll Valentines cards are perfect! Pair them up with Hershey Kisses for a sweet treat.

73. Band Bracelet Valentines Printable

Let’s be band besties, ok? These are perfect for kids who are in band. Plus they’re easy to make. The bracelets are little time consuming to make, but that too is a lot of fun once you get the hang of it.

74. Valentine Manicure Printable

Teens and teachers will love these manicure Valentines cards. Add a cute card, some Jamberry nail wraps and a small nail care pack that includes clippers and a file.

75. Printable Lollipop Butterflies And Flowers

How adorable are these butterfly Valentines?! You can alternate between the flowers and butterflies. Add Tootsie pops to them or my favorite, Blow Pops.

76. Love Is An Open Door Valentine

Love is an Open Door for Frozen fans. Add cotton candy and a key to love in each baggie and then seal them with a Frozen-inspired card! This is super cute and any Frozen fans will just adore it! I know I do.

78. A Toe-Tally Awesome Valentine

Who needs a pedicure with these Toe-tally Awesome Valentines. These are perfect for older kids and teachers! Print these super cute printable tags and attach them to nail polish with baker’s twine! This is another one of my favorite Valentines ideas for older kids.

78. Glitter Rocks

Painting rocks are all the rage! We LOVE these Glitter Rock Valentines! Take your time painting glue hearts on each stone and then tip them in glitter. Use solid colors, mix colors, the possibility is endless!

79. Heart Soap Valentine

Make your own Heart Soap for a cute Valentine’s Day idea. This is a great gift for this year considering the pandemic! Plus, making soap is a fun way to spend time with your little one!

More Printable Valentine Exchange Cards

80. You Are Golden Printable Valentines

You can never have too much nail polish for Valentines day. Tie these free printable Valentines cards on gold nail polish. There are two different cards to choose from and you can choose whatever gold polish you want. Sparkly, metallic, holo, matte….there are so many to choose from!

81. Valentine Ideas For Kids

Combine science with fun with Love potion Valentines. Unfortunately, this love potion isn’t fun to drink, but watching it bubble and foam bright colors is a ton of fun!

82. Valentine Heart Craft

Kids can make these lollipop flowers themselves. What is cute the flowers are made from hearts! Want to make it sweet? Add a sucker! Don’t want sweets? Add a pipe cleaner or a pencil!


What do you write in a Valentines card for kids?

I always find it best to have the kids, especially if they are younger, just have to sign their name to the cards. My kids didn’t do well when they had to write a bunch of words over and over on each classmate’s card.

What size are kids valentines cards?

Kids Valentines come in all shapes and sizes, but most are smaller than 3″ x 4″ measurements. Many kids make their own Valentine boxes so have that in mind if you are sending something large to school to give out to each child.

What can I do for my kids on Valentine’s Day?

I have found the most important thing that you can do for your kid on Valentines Day is help them be prepared for whatever they will encounter on Valentine’s Day at school. Find out if they need a Valentine box, how many children are in the class and what is the classroom tradition. Work with them to find or make Valentines that they are comfortable handing out.

What can you do at home with kids on Valentine’s Day?

Make Valentines Day a special family day! Think about fun Valentine food, Valentine decorations and family activities that show how much you care!


DIY Valentines Day

Don’t miss even more lovely homemade Valentines and goofy Valentines for boys. And be sure to share a photo of your Valentine’s Day creations over on our Facebook page. We hope you enjoy these kids’ valentines for school!

more Fun, Games & Valentines Awesomeness

What Valentines are your kids taking to school this year? Tell us in the comments below!

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