Valentine Cards You Can Print At Home And Bring To School

These free printable Valentines cards are not only super cute, but most of these printable Valentine’s day cards come with a cute a little gift or small treat.

Kids of all ages will love these free printables, and the best part is you can choose between candy gifts or non-candy Valentines and still get a sweet message across.

valentines for school to print at home

Free Printable Valentines Cards

You can print these awesome valentine cards for school right at home!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and that means it’s time to gather some cute valentines cards for your kids to give out at school!

Rather than heading to the store this year, print out these adorable Valentines at home so your kids will have the coolest cards in class!

Valentine Printable Cards You Can Print at Home…Right Now!

Not only are these perfect, but adding a small gift or Valentine’s treat, makes these Valentine’s cards that much more special! There is are printable Valentine’s cards for every!

The best part is, some of these free printable Valentine’s cards actually double as Valentine’s crafts.

So not only will your child get to hand out the coolest Valentine’s cards this year, but you’ll get a chance to spend time doing fun crafts as well! (This post contains affiliate links.)

1. Printable Watercolor Valentines

These watercolor Valentines are amazing! The cards are so colorful and show how wonderful watercolors truly are! Tell your friends how much they mean to you and don’t forget to sign your name at the bottom! Plus, these are unique watercolors as they’re small, but still perfect to make Valentine’s day watercolor painting!

Water Color valentines that has a blending of blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, making a nice ombre picture with Our Friendship Is A Work of art and a small watercolor palette.
I love the blended watercolors on this card.

2. Free Printable Hershey Kisses Valentines Day Cards

I love these Hershey kisses Valentines! They’re simple and sweet! I love the cursive writing on them and the little hearts, plus there are places to write your friend’s name and sign the Valentine Hershey Kisses card yourself. This is the best way to send a kiss to someone!

Hershey Kisses Valentines card that has a red border and says A Kiss from me to you and a hershey kiss in the middle.
This is the sweetest kiss on Valentine’s!

3. Bubble Valentines Cards

These Bubble Valentines  let you tell your friends that “Your Friendship Blows Me Away.” This Valentine’s day bubble printable is cute and simple, but don’t forget to add a small bottle of bubbles to Valentine’s card. You can also make it a little more special and use fun colored washi tape on your free bubble Valentine printables.

Valentines Day Bubble printable that says your friendship blows me away with a small container of bubbles held by washi tape that is white and red
Valentine’s bubbles are so much fun and great for smaller children.

4. Valentines To Print and Color

How cute are these free printable color your own Valentine cards? This printable provides multiple Valentines to color and even has heart Valentine’s printable cutouts to keep your cards close.

Printable color your own valentines that are red, purple, and pink. Each one has a sweet treat like a sucker or cupcake and has a cute saying like hey cupcake or you're a sweetie. It also has a red and pink heart to hold the card closed.
Coloring your own Valentine’s makes the card a little more personal.

5. Read My Lips Valentine Free Printable

Want a sweetly awesome Valentine’s card? These printable lip Valentine’s cards are perfect! It will take a little work though. The lips are actually chocolate lips on sequined cake pops! Be sure to wrap each lip in a cellophane bag and ribbon and stick them to these Read My Lips Valentine printable.

Printable lips valentines that say read my lips, I want you to be my Valentines. It has a red and pink chocolate lip candy on it with a sequined cake pop stick holding it.
Those read my lips chocolates look delicious!

6. You’re Out Of This World Valentines Day Printable Card

Looking for the perfect space Valentine? We’ve got you covered! These are easy to put together and even more fun to play with! Who doesn’t want an Earth bouncy ball Valentine’s gift? Plus, it looks super cute against this black sky and stars. Be sure when you sign your Outta This World card to use a metallic marker so it shows up.

These space valentines are black with stars and says you're outta this world, Valentine, and has an Earth colored bouncy ball.
Who doesn’t love bouncy balls?

7. Crayon Valentines Day Card Free Printable

Everyone loves coloring! This DIY Galaxy Crayon Valentine’s is the cutest. This crayon Valentine does take a little work as you have to make these DIY galaxy crayons. Sounds difficult, but don’t worry it isn’t! All you’ll be doing is melting crayons into a mold.

DIY galaxy crayon valentines that are red and pink, blue and turquoise, gray and black, purple and pink, orange and yellow, dark green and light green on a You color my world valentines card.,
These DIY galaxy crayons are the coolest.

8. Printable Slime Valentines Card

Slime has been popular for years! So why not make these slime Valentines! These are great alternatives to candy, and a fun craft to make, and the best part is, it uses a super simple Valentine’s day slime recipe. You probably have a lot of the ingredients already in your crafting supplies. Once you make your cute DIY slime, be sure to put it in these cute heart containers.

These slime Valentines are super cute. It is red and pink slime with sparkles in heart containers on a Slime yours Valentines card.
This Valentine’s slime is squishy and gooey, perfect for kids!

9. Valentine Hearts Crayons To Print

No chocolate hearts here, just another awesome melting crayons project! Melt crayons into a silicone crayon mold to make your own DIY crayons. These crayon hearts are a cute gift to add to these crayon Valentine printables.

Valentine hearts crayons that are pink and red, blue and black, black and red, and black and pink on color your heart out valentines cards.
These Valentine’s hearts crayons almost look like jewels.

10. Race Car Printable Valentines Day Cards

Speed off with these Race Car Valentines! Let your friends know that they “Make Your Heart Race” and add a super cool race car! Don’t forget to add a bow to each car. These printable race car Valentine’s cards are a perfect alternative to sugary treats.

These race car printables say you make my heart race and have skid marks across them and red hearts. Each card has a green, blue, or red, race car toy on it with a red ribbon tied around it.
Race off with these adorable race car Valentine’s cards.

11. Pokémon Valentine Cards

Want a nerd Valentine card? These are perfect and they speak to my nerdy soul on a nostalgic level. These printable Pokémon Valentine’s cards are so cute! These “I Choose You” Valentine Pokémon cards work as a topper for each goody bag. Fill your goody bag with a Pokémon card and a Pokémon figurine.

These Pokémon Valentines are the perfect nerd Valentines cards. They are in the shape of Poke balls and say I choose you and hold a goody bag closed. Each good bag has a Pokémon card and a Pokémon figurine.
As someone who loves Pokémon, these are perfect!

12. Play-Doh Valentines Cards To Print

I love puns and that is why these “Doh you want to be my Valentine” printable speaks to my soul. You could even say it is an a-doh-able Valentine. Okay, I’m done! But who doesn’t love Play-Doh? These 1 oz Play-Doh containers are the perfect size for these Valentine’s cards.

These play doh valentines cards are the most a doh able valentines. Each card says Do you want to be my valentine and has a 1 oz play doh container on it.
These are the most super cute Valentine’s cards and a ton of fun! Who doesn’t love Play-Doh?

We hope you enjoy these Valentines you can print at home! Not only do you not have to rush out to crowded stores for Valentine’s cards, but you can also spend time together as a family doing some of these Valentine’s crafts.

Free printable valentines to print at home along with Valentines activities and gifts.

Looking For More Valentines Activities?

Valentine's activities for kids as a child cuts out a paper heart with blue scissors

Looking for more ways to say Happy Valentine’s day? We have so much more than cute cards! From crafts to sweets we a ton of great Valentine’s day inspiration. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are looking for candy-free Valentines options.

Which Valentine’s day Card are you giving out this year?

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