Today we have the coolest printable paper bracelets templates that you can make together with your bestie as a BFF craft or make several for friends as a friendship bracelet craft. Best Friends Forever! This sweet friendship craft is great for slumber parties, time spent with friends or a quiet classroom reward activity.

BFF Bracelets Printable - printed paper bracelets painted and colored with markers shown on best friends wrists
Get your BFF and let’s craft paper bracelets together!

Paper Friendship Bracelet Craft for Kids

This cute BFF craft for 2 friends (or more!) start with our free friendship bracelet template you can download and print. Then color and make paper friendship bracelets.  These best friend bracelets are simple wristbands made out of paper that you can decorate and make your own matching friendship bracelets.

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How to Make Best Friend Bracelets with Printable Template

This printable kit comes with different pattern bands and mini accessories to make up to 4 BFF bracelets.

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Supplies Needed to Make up to 4 Friendship Bracelets

Download Paper Friendship Bracelet Template PDF Files Here

Directions to Make Paper Friendship Bracelets

Step 1 – DIY BFF Bracelets

The first step to make this adorable best friend craft is to download & print the BFF bracelet template (grab our pinwheel template here) on regular size paper.

  • Print one copy of the paper bracelet template to make this bff craft for:  and make it for 2 best friends, 3 best friends or 4 best friends.
  • Print 2 copies or more if you want 5 or more friends to make this cute friends craft.

Step 2 – DIY BFF Bracelets

BFF Bracelets Printable step 2 - decorating the paper bracelets
We loved to use water color paints to decorate our paper BFF bracelets!

Grab your crayons, colored pencils, paint or glitter to decorate the printed BFF bracelet designs on the printed template.  You can also add your own sparkly gems or sequins for more bling.

These are really fun bracelet coloring pages that we hope inspire you to go beyond just crayons. We used water color paint to color this example, glitter glue would look amazing too!

BFF Bracelets Printable - steps 3 & 4 - coloring paper bracelet patters and cutting them out with embellishments - shown are step examples
Choose your own paper bracelet decorations and colors!

Step 3 – DIY BFF Bracelets

Cut out all the little paper bracelet designs and embellishments.  Collect all the embellishments you want for your specific friendship bracelet.

Step 4 – DIY BFF Bracelets

Glue the embellishments onto the paper friendship band.  I chose a flower, swirl and heart along with a fun BFF badge for my friendship bracelet design.

Optional Step 5 – DIY BFF Bracelets

Laminate the finished friendship bracelets if you want to wear them for an extended period of time.

Step 6 – DIY BFF Bracelets

To finish the bracelets, we used mini self-stick velcro dots at the ends of each bracelet band. That allowed the girls to take the bracelets on and off easily.

If you do not have Velcro dots, then secure each paper bracelet with glue or tape for a one-time use.

BFF Bracelets Printable finished and worn on girls wrist with BFF badge, flowers hearts and blue pink purple coloring
Does your bracelet look the same or different than your BFF’s bracelet?

Finished Friendship Bracelets to Share

  • This is a fun and easy way to make Best Friend bracelets with a free BFF bracelet printable. Get out the scissors and the glue, and grab your best friend!
  • Remember those days of making BFF bracelets from string and beads?
  • Thankfully this friendship bracelet can be made with things you already have and you don’t have to rush to the craft store. Simply download the paper friendship bracelet template, color, cut, and design your own bracelets and share with a friend.
  • This is an excellent friendship bracelet craft to do at a slumber party! Or with a group of friends. You get to choose what they look like and how the friendship bracelets mix and match with others.

Make More Friends, Make More Bracelets!

  • Repeat the process to make new friendship bracelet patterns and designs. Make a whole pile of BFF bracelets.
  • Design each friendship bracelet different because each of your friends is different!

Party Friendship Bracelet Ideas

This BFF Bracelet printable also makes a great party activity! This works great for a slumber party, birthday party or a fun afternoon with friends.

  • Print out a whole bunch of bracelet pages and set them out for all the kids to make their own.
  • You can even design your own accessories by drawing on a blank white sheet of paper and then coloring to match the rest of the set!
Yield: 4+

Paper Friendship Bracelets - Matching BFF Bracelets

BFF Bracelet printable to make your own BFF Bracelets designed by Jen Goode

Use this free printable friendship bracelet template and craft and art supplies you already have on hand to create the cutest customizable BFF bracelets for you and a friend...or a group of friends! Kids of all ages will have some fun with this easy bracelet making paper craft.

Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 15 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $0


  • Paper or cardstock – sized for standard 8 1/2 x 11 paper printing
  • Printed BFF template – click on purple button below to download
  • Colored pencils, markers, crayons, glitter, glitter glue or paint
  • Glue or clear tape
  • (Optional)Velcro dots


  • Printer
  • Scissor
  • (Optional) Lamination


  1. Download the free printable friendship bracelet template.
  2. Print the bracelet template on white cardstock or regular printer paper.
  3. Color, paint and decorate the bracelet template with the art supplies you have on hand.
  4. Cut out the bracelet parts with scissors.
  5. Assemble the bracelets with the accessories that you desire and glue into place.
  6. (Optional) Laminate your bracelet.
  7. Add velcro dots to the end of your bracelets to allow easy on/off or alternatively glue or tape in place for a one time wear.

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What color will you make your paper BFF bracelets?

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