Printable Valentine’s Day Mural BIG Coloring Page Poster

We are really excited today to share with you a printable Valentines Day mural that doubles as a Valentines Day coloring page poster.

OK, it is really a very big Valentines Day coloring page that is fun to hang on the wall and color. 

Valentines Day Big Coloring Page Mural - Kids Activities Blog - big Valentines coloring page hanging on pink brick wall
Hang the Big coloring page mural on the wall to color…maybe not a brick wall!

Happy Valentine’s day!

We have a special printable for the kids.

Printable Valentine’s Day Big Coloring Page Mural

This is a perfect activity for the kids on Valentine’s day!

We love that this printable encourages screen free play, and allows your children to use their creativity. 

The large coloring page contains Valentines doodle art:

  • Teddy bear with a flower
  • Big and little hearts
  • Cupid with an arrow
  • Two love birds
  • Collection of heart balloons
  • Two bees buzzing around a flower
  • Valentine envelope
  • Big and little flowers
Series of coloring wall posters hung in poster frames on wall - Kids Activities Blog
Coloring pages as art…I love this idea!

How to Print this Coloring Page as a Large Poster

The simplest size to print this big coloring page as a poster is 20x 30, but because it is drawn with simple shapes, you can stretch it in any direction distorting it slightly or print it and cut the side that has extra space…or use that as a place for the artist who finishes this masterpiece’s signature.

All you need to do is grab the download (see below) and then upload it to a poster printing website or take it into your local office supply store.  Here are several locations that will do that for you:

  • Print on legal size paper at home.
  • Print your poster at Walmart – you can upload any images from home and then pick up the finished poster at your local Walmart.  Prices are a little high, but the convenience is great.  There is several sizes of posters: 11×14, 16×20 and 20×30.
  • Print your big coloring page as a mural at Block Poster – I just found block poster, but love this idea.  It allows you to print almost any image into any size from home for free because it allows you to separate the image into standard paper portions…did I mention it is free?
  • Print your coloring poster at Staples – you can upload your images from home and then pick up the finished poster at your local Staples or have it shipped to you.  The prices are pricey, but there are several options that are unique to office stores like you can have it printed on actual poster board.  There are several sizes of posters: 12×18, 18×24 and 24×36.  In general, printing on poster board can be as much as 10x the regular price.

Then you can let the kids decorate this coloring sheet! 

Coloring the really big coloring page mural - Kids Activities Blog - girl holding poster size coloring page
Now let’s color our really really big coloring page and make a poster!

Now Color Your Large Coloring Page Poster

Whether you print this as a regular sized coloring page or blow it up huge into a 20×30 wall poster, it will be fun to color.  We love these big art designs as invitation to play activities in the classroom, party or play group.  It is also a big treat to have it hanging on your child’s wall for them to color at their leisure…who doesn’t want to color on the “wall”?

Supplies Needed (affiliate links):

Download & Print Valentines Coloring Page Poster Here:

More Printable Coloring Pages, Worksheets & More

When you’ve got all the supplies together, and downloaded the printables, your children are all set to have a fun time! 

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More Valentine’s Day Fun from Kids Activities Blog

sweetarts valentines day craft for kids from Kids Activities Blog
Let’s have some more Valentines Day fun with kids!

Did your kids enjoy coloring this really big Valentines coloring page mural? 

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