Cute Valentine Coloring Cards – Free Foldable Printable Cards

These Valentines day coloring cards are perfect for kids of all ages. They can color each Valentine’s card, cut them out, and hand these sweet messages out to loved one and friends.

Valentines Cards Coloring Pages
These cute Valentines cards along with a big hug will warm up anyone’s heart!

Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards

Make your own homemade foldable Valentines cards to give to family and friends with these printable Valentine coloring cards. Click pink button to download & print:

I love the idea of teaching children that a thoughtful, handmade present can be more meaningful than buying something at a store, which is what makes these Valentines coloring cards so special.

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These printable Valentine’s Day coloring pages include two free coloring pages, each with two different Valentine cards. Each page can be cut in half to make 2 foldable cards or folded in half twice to make one foldable Valentine card:

  • One page features a teddy bear with a huge balloon that says “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and on the other side it reads “Hello! You make my heart smile”
  • The other page features a big heart with big letters that say “Happy Valentine’s Day”, and on the other side “Be my Valentine”

Foldable Printable Valentines Day Cards to Color

The best part is that these Valentines cards are completely free:

  1. Download the foldable printable Valentines cards
  2. Print on regular 8.5 x 11 in paper or card stock
  3. (Optional) Cut each page in half
  4. Color the Valentine cards and add glitter (of course)
  5. Fold the cards along the line
  6. Share your Valentines card with a friend
printable valentines day cards to color
Celebrate Valentine’s day with handmade cards that people will treasure forever!

DOWNLOAD YOUR Valentine’s Day Coloring Cards PDF FILE HERE:

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Recommended Supplies for Valentine Coloring Cards

These heart coloring pages will look amazing no matter how you decorate them! But make them a little special using some of these extra special art supplies!

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What is your favorite part of Valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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