24 Festive Valentine’s Day Cookie Recipes

These 24 Festive Valentine’s Day Cookies are delicious, and the perfect dish to bring to a Valentine’s Day party or gift to loved ones!

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
All baked with love!

Yummy Valentine’s Day Cookies For You To Bake

My kids and I love finding new recipes to make for each holiday and, of course, cookies are our favorite! There are so many great ideas here, some for every level of baking experience

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Sugar cookies for your love!

Yummy sweet sugar cookies to make your loved one happy!

1. Yummy Pink Marble Sugar Cookies Recipe

Baked by Rachel‘s pink marble sugar cookies are gorgeous! 

Pizza is pretty much the way to my heart, so I adore this pizza my heart cookies, from Bake at 350.

Simplistically Living’s marbled heart cookies are adorable and almost too cute to eat!

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Yummy and sweet!

These red velvet sugar cookies, from Dessert for Two, are so cute!

Quick and easy to make, Family Fresh Meal‘s Valentine’s Day cookies are colorful and super yummy.

Same with these delicious heart-shaped peanut butter cookies, from The Semi Sweet Sisters.

Hello Wonderful‘s teddy bear graham cookies contain cute and heartwarming messages. They are perfect for Valentine’s Day!

You know those delicious store-bought cookies with bright colorful frosting and sprinkles? Well, now you can make them at home with this recipe from Cincy Shopper!

Annie’s Eats’ Conversation heart cookies are a fun way to make your sugar cookies feel like little valentines.

You can’t go wrong with these adorable shortbread valentine cookies from Two Peas and Their Pod.

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Chocolate and hearts!

Chocolates are always in with Valentine’s day celebrations!

Valentine’s Day M&M cookies are such a classic! Head on over to Number 2 Pencil for the recipe.

12. Valentine’s Day Oreo Cookies

Check out these yummy Oreo recipes: Valentine’s Day Oreo’s from Sincerely Jean, and Lovable Kitty Oreo’s from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons.

OMG Chocolate Desserts‘ chocolate chip cookie dough hearts are so yummy and easy to make!

14. Homemade Heart Brownies with Strawberry Frosting

This isn’t necessarily a cookie recipe, but Simplistically Living‘s homemade heart brownies with strawberry frosting look amazeballs!

Of course, we can’t forget Hershey Kiss cookies! Check out the recipe over on Smart School House.

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Sweet, sweet recipes!

Bakery-Style Cookie Recipes

Have more yummy cookies with these bakery-style cookie recipes!

If these red velvet crinkle cookies, from Foodie Fun, are wrong, I don’t wanna be right! 

How sweet are these love bug cookies from The Decorated Cookie?

Everyone will love One Little Project‘s gummy bear heart cookies.

These strawberry truffle kiss cookies, from Inside Bru Crew Life, will leave everyone wanting more!

Cooking Classy‘s Linzer cookies are almost too pretty to eat.

Mmmmm, strawberry milkshake cookies! Need I say more? Head on over to Southern Made Simple for the recipe. 

22. Sweet Valentine’s Day Treats

If you’re unsure of what to do this Valentine’s day, check these sweet treats to help you get some ideas.

23. Comforting Strawberry Hot Chocolate

Warm your special one’s heart with a cup of sweet Strawberry Hot Chocolate.

24. Valentine’s Day-Themed Pretzels

We love these easy-to-make Valentine’s Day-themed pretzels.

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Decorate your Valentine’s Day cookies!

How Do I Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies?

The sky is the limit when it comes to decorating Valentine’s Day cookies.

Use your imagination, and gather conversation hearts, sprinkles, edible sugar pearls, Valentine’s Day M&M’s, gel frosting, Twizzlers, and any frosting you want to work with (just add food coloring!). You can stick with a serious theme, or make your Valentine’s Day cookies more abstract.

The most important ingredient to decorate with is love!

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Valentine cookies are great gifts!

How Do I Give Valentine’s Day Cookies As a Gift?

Easy! Whip up some of these yummy treats, place them on a paper doilies-covered, pink or red paper plate, and then wrap with colorful cellophane wrap and ribbon.

For another fun, Valentine’s Day gift idea, place a kiss cookie-cutter, heart cookie cutters, and a rolling pin into a red basket, along with parchment paper, cookie sheets, sprinkles, and a festive DIY heart apron that your kids can help decorate with fabric markers.

20 Festive Valentine's Day Cookies
Check out more cookie recipes!

What is your favorite kind of cookie to bake? Comment below! 

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