I Heart These Adorable Free Valentine Doodles You Can Print & Color

{Squeal} We have super cute doodles with a Valentines theme. These simple drawing Valentines Day doodles coloring pages are free to download & print today!  These printable Valentines doodles will keep both kids & adults entertained while creating their own unique art this February…doodle style!

valentines doodles - Valentines Day doodles that kids can print and color to learn how to make their own doodles or use as valentines or valentines art - shown is a printed pdf of the doodle art - Kids Activities Blog
Nothing is better than a day filled with Valentines doodles!


Doodles are simple line drawings of familiar and recognizable items. Think clip art. For Valentines Day that usually means Valentines icons like heart shape drawings, teddy bear images, flowers, dozen roses, bouquets, more hearts, XOXO, keys, Valentine card with envelope, cupid and bow and arrow, box of chocolates and of course more hearts doodles!

Creating your own Valentine’s Day doodle art are fun and require a few artistic skills. That is why we love creating Doodles coloring pages because it removes the need for artistic skills while using simple drawing images or doodles for coloring and relaxation. Coloring a page of repeating cute doodles arranged in a seamless pattern also sets your artistic skills in motion for drawing your own easy Valentines Day doodles as a second step.

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Kids love coloring pages! Our Valentines doodles ideas are super simple and full of love and the perfect activity to do on Valentine’s Day.

These easy Valentines doodles are the perfect activity for kids who love coloring pages.  The cute doodle page includes:

  • Half dozen roses wrapped in paper with a bow
  • Emoji heart conversation bubbles
  • Envelops sealed with a heart seal
  • Lock and key doodles
  • Heart foam coffee cup
  • Heart shaped balloons with strings floating in the air
  • Cute teddy bear hugging a heart
  • Stars, hearts, lips, XOXO, nested heart doodles
cute valentines doodles
Give this Valentines doodle coloring page to your friends and family!

download Valentines Day Doodles Here


Use crayonscolored pencilswatercolor paintsmarkers or whatever you prefer to make these Valentine doodles colorful! Then add your own doodles or cut out some of your favorite love doodles to use as decorations for bullet journaling, a beautiful card or homemade Valentine cards.

A fully colored doodles page makes amazing homemade wrapping paper for small presents to give to your Valentine.  Print out on large paper at an office store for larger presents or art projects.

Oh! And add some glitter!


More Valentines Activities, Printables & Fun for Kids

We have one great idea after another for celebrating kids and valentines this year with so much fun. Explore all the heart filled fun!

How are you going to use these Valentines Day doodles this February?

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