18+ Valentines Crafts for Kids

Easy valentines crafts are a great way for kids to share their love with friends and family! This list has 18 fun ideas that your kids can complete in just a few minutes.

18 Valentines Crafts For Kids

Valentines Crafts for Kids

1. Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

Are you looking for Valentine’s Cards? We have Free Printable Valentine’s Day Cards! They’re super cute and simple to make. Just print them and color them! Each printable has 4 cards and 4 Valentine’s stickers making this an easy peasy Valentine craft!

2. DIY Valentine’s Day Banner

Play with the color red, as well as textures, and make a collage, or a DIY Valentine’s Day banner! It is one of our many easy Valentine crafts for kids and makes for great decorations may it be for at home or for a Valentine’s Day party at school.

3. Valentine’s Day Tree

I’m sure you’ve heard of this crafts cousin, the Christmas tree, now try making a Valentine’s Day tree! It might even become a fun new family tradition! Worried about the environment? No worries! You can easily decorate twigs, put them in a vase for a heart shaped bouquet. This is a fun Valentine project for kids that gets them outside too!

4. Cute Valentine’s Window Craft

This is such a cute Valentines craft. Use paper heart doilies, a plastic bin, rubber ball, and paint to create a colorful lacy heart! Decorate a window with the painted doilies for a fun kids activity. via Hands On As We Grow

Valentines crafts for kids like creative a candle votive, painting rocks, finger painting a heart tree, making ooblek and heart sugar cookies.

5. Heart Candle Votive

Make a candle votive for Grandma using a votive glass and tissue paper! You cut out hearts from the tissue paper and use pop podge to keep it on the glass. The end result is beautiful! It is a semi-messy and fun Valentines craft, but so worth it. via Mess for Less

6. Homemade Treat Bags

This is one of my favorite DIY Valentines crafts for kids? Why? Because you make such an awesome gift, but it also teaches a life skill. Sew paper bags to create “hearts” homemade treat bags. via Inspired by Family Mag

7. Salt Dough Heart Ornaments

Ornaments are not just for Christmas. This is such a fun and a doh able Valentine. Get it? I’ll see myself out….But in all seriousness your little one can play with salt dough to create hanging hearts, and then put them on your Valentine’s Day tree! This is a great Valentines art project for toddlers. via Live Well Play Together

8. Valentines Ooblek

Check out this Valentine’s sensory sink using conversation hearts and ooblek. Ooblek is so cool and so much fun to play with. Plus creating ooblek could also turn this into a Valentine’s Day science project. Either way, I think this is one of the best Valentines crafts for kids. via Little Bins for Little Hands

9. Valentines Day Tree Painting

This is such a cute Valentines craft. Draw a tree, branches and all and then use your fingerprints to make this Valentines Day Tree painting. The best part is all you really need is one or two colors, but the color lightens and darkens depending on how much ink you use so it gives the tree more depth. via Easy Peasy and Fun

Easy peasy valentines crafts like making a paper candy bag and red and white sugar cookies.

DIY Valentine Crafts and Gifts

10. Valentines Mission

This is a great Valentine’s craft for boys and girls as well. Everyone loves playing super secret spy and secret messages so this Valentine’s day give them a special mission! Commence Mission: Top Secret Coded Homemade Valentine!

11. Felt Envelope

Make a felt envelope that you can reuse to send love notes to your child all year long. Or it would be a cute way for your child to hand out Valentine’s at school! However, this craft is not for toddlers. This would be a good Valentines craft for 5 year olds and older with adult supervision. via Woo Jr

12. Fun Homemade Valentines Crafts For Kids

Tell your family and friends how much you love them with fun homemade Valentines! This post has so many great Valentines day craft ideas for children. There are so many different Valentines day card crafts to choose from!

13. Birdseed Valentine

Why not make Valentine’s gifts for Mother Nature? This an easy Valentine’s day craft for toddlers which is great, because we want our little ones to be able to be part of the fun too! Welcome birds to spring with this birdseed valentine. via Coffee Cups and Crayons

14. Make Your Kids Day Special With A Lunchbox Note

Want to make your little one’s day a little more special? Then be sure to download these free printable Valentine’s day cards and lunch box notes. With this free printable you will get 4 “You Color My World” Valentine’s day cards. Each card has a space where you can write a message, draw a picture or add a sweet treat!


Easy Valentine crafts for kids like making felt envelopes for cards, making a heart tree with finger tips, playdough valentines, and ooblek with candy.

15. Heart Rocks

Painted rocks are all the rage right now! Heart rocks are the perfect way to show your valentine how much they rock! Plus this is a great diy Valentines preschool craft. Paint the hearts one color, make them multiple colors, the options are endless! via Artful Parents

16. Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies

Looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the person who has everything? Have your kids help you make a plate of Marbled Valentine Sugar Cookies, from Baked By Rachel! Need help making it festive, we can help (This post contains affiliate links)! You can dress it up on a cute Valentine’s Day plate, with paper doilies, pink cellophane, and ribbon! What a fun craft.

17. Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Want another easy craft? Get up and move with this Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and activities printable! While this isn’t a craft, it is a super fun way to spend time together. Via Kcedventures

18. Valentine’s Act Of Kindness

Looking for more cute ideas? I love this. Valentine’s isn’t always just about getting cards and chocolates. You can give other things to show people you care about them, like your time. Do an act of kindness together with your child (or a hundred of them!!). Loving these ideas. via Toddler Approved

19. You are A-doh-able

Oh look, another a-doh-able Valentine. Tell your little one that they are a-DOH-able with this FREE Play-Doh valentine. This is a great gift to any possible allergies or to cut down on all the extra sugar! via Grace and Good Eats.

20. Homemade Valentine’s Day Mail Boxes

Have a Valentine’s party at school? Make these super cute homemade Valentine’s day mail box out of milk cartons, cereal boxes, construction paper, glue stick, hearts, and glitter! I love these easy Valentine’s day crafts.

21. Origami Heart Cards For Valentine’s Day

Learn to make these super simple origami heart cards for Valentine’s day. They’re so cute and perfect for older kids to make! This is also great practice for fine motor skills. Heart shapes and Valentine’s cards, perfect for Valentine’s day crafts.

22. Edible Valentine Slime Craft

Have fun with slime! It’s slimy, squishy, red, sweet tasting and full of candy. This edible Valentine slime craft is so great and tastes good too. What a fun idea for kids of all ages!

More Valentine’s Day Crafts and Treats!

valentines day dessert smores bark

Easy Valentines Crafts for Kids

Looking for some more fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day? Check out these ideas!

Looking for more Valentine’s Day activities? We have over 100 inexpensive Valentine crafts to choose from! Don’t forget to check out our Valentines day coloring sheets.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my birdseed heart! Y’all are the best! And I missed that paper bag one when I was checking out the linky and am obsessed with it!!!! So glad you included it!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I have a nice Valentine craft idea. Here goes!
    Go to your nearest dollar store and get ice-creme sundae glasses for $1 a piece. Fill each glass with Valentine candy of your choice like hearts, M&M, red, white and pink jelly beans. For the top of the sundae I used pink and white 1″ packing styrofoams which you can buy at Walmart, used a glue gun to glue them all together. I got 2 candy Pixie sticks for straws and a red or pink chocolate to replace the cherry on top. You will find a picture on my https://plus.google.com/#107040940913250872481/posts

  3. I’m not sure which activity to do first! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for including us in this awesome round-up! I’m off to check out those adorable felt envelopes!!

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