Let’s do some Valentines Day Painting — with rocks and stones you can find near home. This super cute Valentine’s Day Painted Heart Rocks Craft Kids Will Love! In this Valentine’s Day craft for kids and adults, we’ll show you how to make adorable heart stones that will melt everyone’s hearts.

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Craft - Valentines painting ideas using rocks as Valentines
Give the gift of a painted rock Valentine!

Valentine’s Day is more than a holiday for lovers.
It’s a time to share love with others!


Today I want to share with you this activity that our family had lots of fun doing a Share the Love Project.

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Rock Painting Ideas for Kids To Share the Love

Here’s all you need to make this cute Valentine’s Day Heart Stone Craft:

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Craft supplies - things you need to make Valentine painted rocks - rocks, paint, sponges, q-tips and brushes
Here is what you need to make Valentine painted rocks with hearts!

Valentine’s Day Heart Stone Craft Supplies

Steps for Making Heart Painted Rocks

Alrighty!  We have everything we need to start painting stones and rocks…so let’s do this!

Step 1 – Valentine Rocks Craft

Start by collecting smooth rocks, or you can also purchase rocks from a craft or home improvement store.

If using rocks you collected, then make sure they are clean and dry before you paint on them. I had an old grocery bag full of river rock from a long ago craft project that I gave my kids.

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Craft - Valentines Heart Craft step 2
Apply the base paint coat to the rocks.

Step 2 – Valentine Rocks Craft

Next prepare your area for painting and apply the first, base coat of paint on the rocks.

Paint the base and once that has dried turn the rock over and paint the other side.

Depending on your paint (and desired color saturation), you may need to put a second coat on.

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Craft - Valentines painted rocks step 3
Allow painted rocks to dry.

Step 3 – Valentine Rocks Craft

Allow the painted base coat to dry on the stones.  Reapplying and touching up as needed for coverage.

Then, paint hearts on the rocks in a contrasting color.

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Craft - painted Valentine rocks step 4
Now let’s paint hearts on the rocks with contrasting colors!

Step 4 – Valentine Rock Craft

Lastly, add your message to the back.  You can use paint, but we found that using a Sharpie, paint pen or other permanent marker was easier to handle.

We wanted the people that found the rocks to know that they are loved. So that was our message, but feel free to add whatever you want!

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Craft - Valentine painted rocks step 4 writing messages on the back of the rock
Now add a message to the back of the rock!

Sharing Your Painted Heart Rocks

Share the love!

Go to a park, the mall, grocery store, library, public bathrooms, hospital waiting room… and place the rock in a place that is visible. You can put it anywhere on the floor, on a shelf, or by a vending machine, etc.

If you are more comfortable, leave the heart stones at places where you are familiar with the people. You can share it with family members, at church, or even at school!

valentine heart stone hidden in public or sitting out on park benches - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s hide our Valentine rocks!

More Painted Rock Ideas for Kids

Valentine's Day Heart Stone Crafts - Valentine painted rocks craft completed and steps
Let’s have more Valentine fun!

More Valentine Ideas from Kids Activities Blog

Share the love this Valentine’s Day with even more fun Valentine’s Day crafts and activities!

Did you paint Valentine rocks?  Where did you hide them?

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  1. These are so cute and such a great idea. Why not make those rocks that the kids pick up into something beautiful!?! Thank you for sharing on Moonlight & Mason Jars link party.

  2. Such a fun rock craft for kids. Thank you for sharing with us at #HomeMattersParty . We would love to see you again next week. #heartrocks

  3. Our kids love collecting rock. Rocks that are made special for them is such a great idea like these heart rocks!!

  4. Love this! Such a creative craft for heart rocks! We have plenty of rocks and paint, so this will definitely be on my list of fun activities to do with my 3-year-old son. Thank you so much for sharing!

  5. This is such a cool idea for heart rocks — fun project and gift idea! We always get inspired over here on KAB! Thank you for linking up in our Crafty Showcase last week.

    Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo Susie @Bowdabra