Let’s do some fun Valentines Day math! We have some really fun math games, free worksheets and fun math ideas all with a Valentines Day theme. Let’s start with Valentine counting games and continue with Valentine math ideas for kids that can be used at home or in the classroom.

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Let’s play with math on Valentines Day!

Valentine Math Games

It’s February and you know what that means! Valentine’s day! And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s day than with these super fun Valentine’s day math activities. Can you get the correct answer for all these math games?

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The best part is you can use these math games for the whole class. Preschoolers, Kindergarten kids, 1st grade, 2nd grade, even 3rd grade kids will love these Valentine’s day math activities. Plus, you can use these even if you home school and only have a small group. So, grab your crayons, markers,pencil, and supplies needed for each math game and let’s practice our math skills.

Valentine’s Day Math Games & Ideas for Kids

1. Valentine Heart Counting Game

Valentines Day Math Game for Kids - Paper with words, Valentines Day Heart Count with dice and two containers of breans
Let’s play a counting game!

Valentine’s Day is a great time to count up all the people you love. It is also a great time to practice counting with symbols of Valentine’s Day, like hearts. You will need:

  • Red Beans or other counting tool
  • Red Heart Doilies
  • Red Dice
  • Muffin Wrappers
  • A piece of red and white paper

Set Up Your Counting Game

  1. Choose a counting tool: We used red beans because they are easy for small fingers  to pick up and they are inexpensive. You could use Valentine candy or chocolate chips.
  2. Decorate your counting space: The red heart doilies are a great a work space. They can can be glued on to a piece of paper with a game title on it or just placed on a table to work with.
  3. Grab a pair of dice: The pair of red dot dice are easy for children to count or add up. If you are playing this game with young children, you may want to work with only one die. It will make the counting a little easier for them.
beans and hearts 2

How To Play This Valentine’s Day Counting Game:

  1. We played the game by rolling the dice and adding the total of the number of dots onto our heart doily.
  2. We each had our own cup of red beans to work with. The goal of the game is to fill our heart with red beans first and shout, “My heart is full!”
  3. When he filled his heart with beans, my son remember to shout, “My heart is full!” Yes, he won the game.
  4. I guess I will need to have a rematch so, I can shout, “My heart is full!” too.

Our Experience with This Valentine Math Game

My son added his beans to the outside edge of his heart first and then filled it in. There really isn’t a right or wrong way to add them in. Although by his filling the outside edge in first, he allowed me to introduce the word perimeter (The units around on the outside of a shape.) and area. (The    amount of space inside a shape.)

Valentines Day Math Games For Preschoolers

2. Valentine Color By Number Coloring Pages

Valentine color by number for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s color by number!

Color by numbers are a great way to teach counting in a fun way. They’ll not only learn the numbers, but also have to remember them to be able to coordinate which color goes where. Plus, this Valentine’s color by number is perfect as it looks like a box of chocolates! Yum!

3. Valentine Day Math Worksheets For Preschoolers

How cute is this free lovebug math activity pack? It is a great way to not only teach your preschooler simple math, but it also works on other skill like their fine motor skills and teach them to write numbers and counting as well. Via Life Over Cs

4. Valentines Day Counting to 10 Activities

printable Valentine math game from preschool play and learn
Let’s play a counting game!

Learn to count to 10 and play a matching game all at once! These free printable cards are super cute! One side has numbers and the other side is a purple frosted sugar cookie with x amount of sprinkles on each one. Via Preschool Play and Learn

5. Valentine Math Printable Games

4 printable Valentine math games from Prekinders
Oh so much math fun!

Make math sweet with these free worksheets and conversation hearts! Learn to count, learn about graphs, patterns, and even short by color! These are the perfect Valentine math worksheets. Via Pre Kinders

6. Valentine’s Day Math Packet 

This free Valentine’s day math packet has an assortment of fun worksheets to do. Trace your numbers, count to 20, and learn to add! The best part is, not only are they Valentine’s day themed, but some of them work as coloring sheets as well! Via Kids Activity Zone

Valentines Day Math For Elementary School Students

7. Addition And Subtraction Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets

Valentines Day Math Worksheets that include a color by number, connect the balloon, fix the broken hearts, and more addition.

These Valentine’s day math worksheets are perfect for older kids! Learn simple addition and subtraction with these sweet worksheets! This worksheet pack includes: a color by number, connect the balloons, addition balloons, fix the broken hearts by solving math problems, and a super simple addition page.

8. Math Valentine’s Day Printable Worksheets

You can find a little bit of everything here! Need word problems? Got them! Multiplication? Addition? Fractions? Subtraction? Division? All of them are here! Plus, the best part is they’re all Valentine’s themed and some of them are coloring sheets as well. Via Education

9. Valentine’s Math Activities That Kids Will Love

Needing something a little more challenging? Here are some Valentine’s day worksheets that teach math, decimals, and percentages.! Learn about money, multiplication, and even mathematical riddles! Via Appletastic Learning

10. Valentines Themed Math Activities

I love these worksheets! Some of them are more simple than others, but others are more puzzling! While it may seem like simple addition and subtraction, you’ll have to decode the numbers first using images and a key! Via Enchanted Learning

11. Valentine’s Day Data Analysis

These worksheets are actually part of an activity which makes these Valentine printables that much more fun!  Keep tally marks to keep track of all the data and then once you have the data create a graph! Via Math Geek Mama

Valentine’s Day Math Activities For Middle School Kids

Valentines math for middle schoolers including algrebra, coloring, and fractions

12. Valentine’s Day Math Maze

Looking for some challenging Valentine’s math for middle school kids! We’ve got you covered. While these worksheets are a lot of fun, they’re definitely gonna take some time! Like the math maze! Figure out basic algebra to make it to the end of the maze! Via Idea Galaxy

13. Math Valentine’s Day Activities For Middle Schoolers

Just because kids get older doesn’t mean they don’t love the holidays! Make math exciting by having them do these color and solve activities that work on solving equations and comparing and ordering integers. Don’t forget about writing and then graphing inequalities with a Valentines-themed task card. Via To The Sqaure Inch (link not available).

14. Valentine’s Day Algebra Pack

While not all middle school children will be ready for algebra some schools and programs are teaching it. So for those who need it here is a Valentine’s day algebra pack that goes over: order of operations, quadratic and absolute value equations, and linear equations. Via Math Geek Mama

15. Fun And Free Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day Math

This is such a cute idea I love it! This works great for classrooms. Break your class up into groups and let then work on these word problems. Whoever wins gets a Valentine’s day card. But not just any Valentine’s day card, a free no homework pass! Or give one to all your students as a Valentine’s day treat. Via Math In The Middle

16. Valentine’s Day Math Worksheets Middle School Edition

Want some fun math worksheets for your middle school student? There are so many fun sheets like this heart order of operations sheet or this plotting points game. Work on fractions, multiplication, algebra, and more! Via Worksheets

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Why We Love These Valentine Math Games

These games help with math skills, number recognition, and are a great way to teach math facts, and great resources for lesson plans whether you’re a teacher or a tutor at math centers. Plus, it makes math fun! And you can even give treats or use treats like candy hearts to help motivate kids this Valentine’s day!

Looking For More Valentines Fun?

Which Valentine’s day math activity is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section, we’d love to hear from you.

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