Preschool Valentine Coloring Pages

These festive preschool Valentine coloring pages are perfect for a Valentine’s day activity to do at home with your little ones!

These coloring pages include adorable animals such as an elephant and birds, and sooo many hearts. Perfect for kids of all ages, but geared for young children.

valentine's day preschool coloring pages
Your littlest ones will love to color our sweet preschool Valentine coloring pages.

Preschool Valentine’s Day coloring pages

This Valentine’s coloring pages for preschool packet includes two coloring pages, both equally fun!

The pictures are drawn large without a ton of detail so preschoolers and toddlers can color these Valentines day coloring pages easily. Big kids and older kids will also enjoy these too.

This is a fun way to enjoy Valentine’s day. Whether these are used at home or for classroom use, these are a fun way to make Valentine’s day cards or just used to share sweet messages.

1. Valentine’s Day Elephant Coloring Pages

The first page of these Valentine’s coloring pages for preschool features an elephant with lots of hearts. The hearts are large, allowing children to get creative with colors and patterns.

Preschool Valentine Coloring Pages
Print this adorable coloring page of an elephant surrounded by hearts!

2. Valentine’s Day Birds Coloring Pages

The second preschool Valentine’s day coloring page includes a couple of birds madly in love with each other; one of birds is offering a small flower bouquet while the other bird seems to be singing a love song. So adorable!

Preschool Valentine Coloring Pages
Print these preschooler Valentines coloring pages for toddlers!

Our preschool Valentine coloring pages are a fun way to help your toddler practice their fine motor skills while celebrating Valentine’s Day in a creative way!

Preschool Valentines Coloring Pages
Celebrate Valentine’s Day with these cute and free preschool Valentines coloring pages!

Download These Preschool Valentine Coloring Pages PDF File Here:

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What’s your favorite thing about Valentine’s day? Let us know in the comments, we’d love to hear from you.


  1. Erin Wolcott says:

    If you have a child that is afraid of car washes, do what I used to do with my nieces and nephews…when we would go thru, we were now in an ocean with sea monsters…the kids would name each of the monsters and make up stories about these sea monsters…by the time we were out they did not realize it was over now that they are grown have now done this with their own children…nothing is frightening when you make a game out of it.

  2. Kristen Yard says:

    You sound like such a fun aunt, Erin! That is an amazing idea!

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