DIY Sign Language Valentine’s Day Cards To Show Love

Show love with these  Homemade Sign Language Valentine’s Day Cards!

These Valentine’s Day cards are so quick and easy to make. Kids will love tracing their hand to make a unique card for their loved ones. I know my daughter does! This is a special Valentine’s Day craft you’ll want to bookmark and try right away.

show love homemade valentines cards

Show love with “I love you” Valentine’s Day sign language cards

These sweet Homemade Valentine’s Cards are bursting out of the card with love! Kids Activities Blog hopes you have fun making these super cute cards with your kids.

One thing our family always does is sign “I love you” at each other whenever we drive away, so my daughter decided she wanted to incorporate the sign into her card for me.

show love homemade valentines cardsshow love homemade valentines cards

How to make these sweet ASL cards 

These cards don’t take long, but they’re so fun and thoughtful!


  • red construction paper
  • manila or white construction paper
  • scissors
  • marker
  • glue stick
  • any embellishments you would like (we used glitter foam stickers)


This was another project where we didn’t need to go to the store for more materials, since we had everything already on hand!

show love homemade valentines cards

“I love you” Sign Language valentines

First, take the manila or white construction paper and fold in half.

Next, trace your kid’s hand onto the paper, making sure to have your kid spread their thumb as wide as they can and to keep the wrist as close to the fold as possible.

Then, using scissors cut out the hand through both pieces of paper like in the image. Kids can practice their cutting skills here!

Now, fold the red construction paper in half, like shown, and press down the fold to make it crisp.

Open the red construction paper and find the middle along the fold. This is where you will glue the traced and cut out hand from the manila or white construction paper. Line the fold of the hands up with fold of the red paper and open them up like shown.

Then, using the glue stick glue the hand onto the red construction paper, making sure not to get any glue onto the middle and ring fingers (you’ll be folding them down in the next step).

Now you’re ready to make the I Love You sign! Just carefully fold down the middle and ring fingers and add a small dab of glue to the ends so they’ll stay down. So easy!

My daughter then used a marker to write a note to me for Valentine’s Day.

Finally, let your child decorate the card with whatever they want. My daughter used red glitter foam hearts.

show love homemade valentines cards

Isn’t this homemade Valentines card such a great way to Show Love?! It’s so quick and simple to make that it even makes a great Valentine’s Day Class Party activity.

show love homemade valentines cards

More Kids Valentine’s Activities

There are so many ways to show love for your family and friends on Valentine’s Day. We hope these I Love You Valentines cards are one of your favorites.  For more Valentines Day kids activities that might make your heart skip a beat take a look at these ideas:

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  1. This is so cool! Such a neat idea – my son would absolutely love this card. He hates giving cards with hearts because it’s so “girly” so I think he’ll love this one.

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