15 Crafts and Activities Inspired by Eric Carle Books

I adore Eric Carle books, don’t you?   They are some of my kids most favorite to read and the illustrations are beautiful.   I love to be able to take a book that my child loves and create something to go along with it.   It’s so fun to make our books come alive!

Here  are some amazing crafts and activities we found that are inspired by Eric Carle books.   We’d love to see yours over on our Facebook page!


15 Crafts and Activities Inspired by Eric Carle Books

1.   Paint some fluffy white clouds like the ones we see in Little Cloud.

2.   Turn some messy paint projects into homemade puzzles that look like the characters in From Head To Toe.   From Red Ted Art.

3.   Paint several sheets of paper in different colors and once they dry, cut them into pieces and form them into your favorite animal from the book The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse.   From Teach Preschool.

4.   This incredible comprehension activity allows your child to draw what they see in their mind as you read a story.   From No Time For Flash Cards.

5.   Make a yummy polar bear treat to go along with reading the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear?   From Coffee Cups and Crayons.

6.   Use tissue paper to make these gorgeous Eric Carle inspired eggs.   From Red Ted Art

7.   This is a really fun activity to learn about chameleons and how they change colors with their environment.   From Teach Preschool.

8.   Make your own very busy caterpillar by painting metal cans!   From Hands On As We Grow.

9.   Inspired by The Mixed Up Chameleon, paint your own using several different methods to create textures like Eric Carle.   From Meri Cherry

10.   Make a friendly eight-legged creature inspired by The Very Busy Spider.   From Molly Moo Crafts.

15 Crafts and Activities Inspired by Eric Carle Books

11.   Recreate a scene from A House for Hermit Crab with your little ones handprint, a paper plate and a few other craft supplies.   From I Heart Crafty Things.

12.   Using bubble wrap to paint creates a fun texture.   Try this and make your own mixed up chameleon.   From Homegrown Friends.

13.   Help your little one to create all the pieces of a caterpillar like the body, legs, antennas, etc. and then let them put it together like a puzzle.   From Boy Mama Teacher Mama.

14.   This amazing sensory bin is inspired by The Mixed Up Chameleon.   Make your play come to life!   From Frogs and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails.

15.   Make a very hungry caterpillar no-sew costume for some fun dress up play!

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