Letter G Craft — G is for Giraffe

We are continuing our Fun With Letters series with the letter G.

It’s one of the most fun letters and animals we got to make for this series.

The most exciting part about this craft was that we made our giraffe walk, which made this craft into a DIY toy. It allowed to extend the learning process in a very fun way. How cool is that!

g is for giraffe

Supplies needed for your letter G craft

  • Letter G cut out from cardboard.
  • Giraffe ears and head (cut out from the cardboard)
  • 1 black pipe cleaner
  • 1 black pompom
  • 2 googly eyes
  • Yellow and brown paint and a brush
  • Black marker
  • Clothe pins (preferably yellow ones)
  • Glue
  • Scissors

g craft supplies


Cut out letter G from cardboard. Use the left over pieces to draw and cut out giraffe’s ears and head (see picture above).

Color the letter (and the head with ears) with yellow paint. Let it dry and then color  big brown dots on top all across the letter (giraffe’s body).

Draw lips with black marker and glue on the pom pom with googly eyes on giraffe’s face.

Make giraffe’s ears by cutting a black pipe cleaner in half and rolling one end of each piece into a small ball. Glue on both ears on the back of the head (between the ears).

Glue on the head on the top of the G letter.

Attach the cloth pins on the bottom of the letter so it stand firmly.

Let the giraffe ”walk”.

That’s it! Your walking giraffe craft is all done!  


Watch a short video of how our  G  for Giraffe craft was done. It turned out super cute!


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