Making an ‘G is for giraffe craft’ is a fun way to introduce a new letter. This Letter G Craft is one of our favorite letter G activities for preschoolers because the word giraffe starts with G and the letter craft is shaped like the letter G. This letter G preschool craft works well at home or in the preschool classroom. Be sure to grab your printable letter G template as well!

Letter G Craft- finished G is for giraffe craft for preschoolers- the angel is created from the shape of a letter g decorated with paint, cardboard, parker, pen, and clothespins- kids activities blog
Let’s make a G is for giraffe craft!

Easy Letter G Craft

Preschoolers can either draw the letter G shape themselves or use our letter G template. Our favorite part of this letter craft is attaching the clothes clips and pipe cleaners to make a giraffe!

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Supplies needed for G is for giraffe preschool letter g craft- pipe cleaner, clothes pins, pom poms, cardboard, paint, googly eyes- kids activities blog
This is what you will need to make a preschool giraffe craft!

Supplies needed For Letter G Craft

Watch How To Make Preschool G Is For Giraffe Craft

Instructions For The Letter G Preschool Craft: Giraffe

Step 1 – Create the Letter G Shape

Trace and cut out the letter G or download, print, and trace out this letter G template:

Step 2 – Give Craft a Canvas Foundation

Glue the letter G onto the piece of construction paper of a contrasting color.

Step 3- Add the Giraffe Details to the Letter G

  1. For the giraffe body: Paint the face, ears, and body yellow with red dots.
  2. For the giraffe face: Glue on the google eyes and the pom poms and use your black marker to make a smiley face.
  3. For the giraffe head: Cut out a circle for the face of the giraffe and glue it to the top of the letter G. Don’t forget to cut out ovals for ears and glue them to the back of the giraffe head.
  4. For the giraffe antennas: Shape the pipe cleaner to look like antennas and glue them onto the back of the head of the giraffe.
  5. For the giraffe legs: Clip them to the bottom of the letter G.
Letter G Craft- Finished g is for giraffe preschool letter g craft on a white background- kids activities blog
I love how our G is for giraffe craft turned out!

Finished G is for Angel Craft

G is for giraffe craft is done!

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What changes did you make to the G is for giraffe preschool craft?

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