Making an ‘Z is for zebra craft’ is a fun way to introduce the very last alphabet letter. This Letter Z Craft is one of our favorite letter Z activities for preschoolers because the word zebra starts with Z and the letter craft is shaped like the letter Z. This letter Z preschool craft works well at home or in the preschool classroom. Be sure to grab your printable letter Z template as well!

Letter Z Craft- Finished z is for zebra craft for preschoolers- the zebra is created from the letter z decorated with pipe cleaners, construction paper stripes, googly eyes- kids activities blog
Let’s make a z is for zebra craft!

Easy Letter Z Craft

Preschoolers can either draw the letter Z shape themselves or use our letter Z template. Our favorite part of this letter craft is attaching the pipe cleaners and construction paper to make a zebra!

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Supplies needed for z is for zebra preschool letter z craft- pipe cleaners- googly eyes- construction paper stripes- kids activities blog
This is what you will need to make a preschool zebra craft!

Supplies needed For Letter Z Craft

Watch How To Make Preschool Z Is For Zebra Craft

Instructions For Letter Z Preschool Craft: Zebra

Step 1 – Create the Letter Z Shape

Trace and cut out letter Z or download, print and cut out this letter Z template:

Step 2 – Give Craft a Canvas Foundation

Glue the letter Z onto the piece of construction paper of a contrasting color.

Step 3 – Add the Zebra Details to the Letter Z

For the zebra stripes: Cut out black paper to make stripes and glue them to the letter z.

  1. For the zebra face: Cut black paper for snout and ears and glue them to the top of the letter z.
  2. For the zebra eyes: Glue the googly eye to the letter z.
  3. For the zebra mane: Cut a black pipe cleaner in 3 pieces and glue them to the back of the letter z for a mane.
Letter Z Craft- Finished Z is for zebra preschool letter z craft on a blue background - kids activities blog
I love how our Z is for zebra craft turned out!

Finished Z is for Zebra Craft

Z is for Zebra craft is done!

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What changes did you make to the Z is for zebra preschool craft?

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