O Is For Octopus. Letter O Craft

We are back doing another Fun With Letters craft. This time it’s letter O and we are making an Octopus.  

We love to make learning fun and interesting for kids.

Octopus is fascinating  creature and once the kids hear few fun facts about it, they are more than excited to start learning and crafting.

Fun fact:  While it was commonly believed that the octopus's appendages were all arms, recent studies have shown that two of the limbs act more as legs, allowing it to walk across the sea floor and push off when swimming. The octopus also has the useful ability to regenerate a tentacle if it loses one.

o is for octopus craft

Supplies needed for letter O craft

  • Blue construction paper
  • Small pompoms
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors
  • Glue

octopus supplies


Trace and cut out letter O out of blue construction paper.

Using left over blue paper cut 8 stripes. Roll each stripe onto the pen and let it go. It will make stripes (octopus arms and legs) curl up a bit.

Glue each stripe at the bottom of letter O. Glue on pom poms on each stripe.

Don’t forget the eyes for the Octopus!

Glue on the octopus (just the letter O) onto the paper. Leave the stripes (octopus legs) unglued.

o craft

Watch a short video of how our  O is for Octopus craft  was done. It turned out super cute!

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