Learning the letter C! Letter C learning Resources, alphabet recognition, phonics, activities and crafts for preschoolers. Learn to read, write and have fun with the letter C.

Let’s learn the letter C!

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use hands on activities to keep kids engaged through learning

Yay for the Letter C!

Kids start showing interest in learning alphabet letters around the age of 2. That’s a great time to start teaching them the letters with fun lessons and games. Today we’ll continue practicing with the letter c!

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If you are trying to find learning worksheets to do while you’re at home, or maybe try these Easter printable activities to keep them learning!

So if you’re ready, let’s roll!

Letter C Song

The letter C plays an important part in the alphabet called a consonant. To understand better what sounds the letter b can make, here is the Letter C song:

Letter C Lesson Plan

  • We want our kids to love learning! So if you can’t catch their attention, you can try these games that will definitely make them curious.
  • Have your kid practice their abc formation with noodles and pipe cleaners.
  • Or maybe try our playdough learning activity to create the alphabet letters!

Letter C Crafts to Teach

There are so many colorful words that start with the letter C.

C is for caterpillar, car, and cat. C is also for Crafts!

Let’s get crafty and make a Caterpillar in this letter C crafts. Kids always enjoy making crafts with pom-poms because they’re fluffy and easy to work with. It’s a fun and colorful craft that will take minimal preparation!

simple letter c craft for preschoolers alphabet recognition - c is for caterpillar craft using paper and pompoms - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
C is for caterpillar! Help your kids make a cute C-shaped caterpillar with pom-poms.

Here we have 12 different letter c activities that your kid can do! Make a letter C carrot with orange tissue paper, or use cotton balls to make a fuzzy cloud.

Use foam board to make a colorful letter C as well as the rest of the alphabet. Then play these letter learning games! Mix up the letters and help your kid put the alphabet in the correct order.

Letter C activities Kindergarten and preschool alphabet activities for C - c is for cloud, cat, cookie, car, caterpillar, and more - more craft and activity ideas found at Kid's Activities Blog
Use foam boards, glue sticks, markers, and anything you already have in your craft box to help your kid excited about learning the letter C!

What about fabric wall letters? Hang them on the wall for decoration and continuous learning. Let your imagination run wild!

Favorite Letter C Crafts

Preschool Letter C Printables

Worksheets that Feature the Letter C

  • Learn to write the ABC’s with free printables!
  • We have 8 educational and fun letter C worksheets with different levels of difficulty to learn how to write the letter C!
    Our free printables include 4 pages of upper and lower case tracing with pictures to color, 1 page of tracing words, 2 pages with phonics activities to teach the letter c sounds, and 1 letter C coloring page.
  • Print this cute trace the letter C printable to practice both uppercase and lowercase letter c. Don’t let the fun stop there! Practice words that start with c, like carrot, and color in the carrot drawing!
  • Get our wonderful letter mazes to practice the letters and have fun at the same time! In that link, you can find 5 mazes that will help your kids practice upper case letters.

Coloring Pages of things that start with C

More Alphabet Learning Resources

  • Learning the alphabet doesn’t have to be boring. There are tons of ways you can make it fun!
  • Get one (or all!) of our free printable flash cards to continue the learning. Flashcards are one of the best tools out there to memorize letters, colors, objects, and pretty much everything you can think of.
  • Check out these 10 fun ways to learn the alphabet. From making your own letter puppets to creating your own book with crayons, you’ll find everything you need on that list. There are even science and sensory activities!

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