S Is For Snake. Letter S Craft

Our Fun With Letters series are  a super easy (and fun) way to teach kids alphabet.

Today we are learning all about the letter S.

S is for Snake and we’re making one!

s is for snake craft

Supplies needed for letter S craft

  • Yellow color construction paper
  • 2 blue pipe cleaners and one small red pipe cleaner piece
  • Googly eyes
  • Scissors and glue

s craft supplies


Trace and cut out letter S out of yellow construction paper.

Cut up blue pipe cleaner into small pieces and glue them on the letter as shown in the video below.

Glue on small red pipe cleaner piece as a tongue for snake.

Don’t forget the eyes!

Your letter S craft is done!  


Watch a short video of how our  S is for Snake craft  was done. It turned out super cute!

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