Great Preschool Letter G Book List

Let’s read books that start with the letter G! Part of a good Letter G lesson plan will include reading. A Letter G Book List is an essential part of your preschool curriculum whether that is in the classroom or at home. In learning the letter G, your child will master letter G recognition which can be accelerated through reading books with the letter G.

Check out these great books to help you learn the Letter G!


There are so many fun letter books for preschool age kids. They tell the letter G story with bright illustrations and compelling plot lines. These books work great for letter of the day reading, book week ideas for preschool, letter recognition practice or just sitting down and reading!

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Words that start with the letter G like giraffe
Let’s read about the letter G!


These are some of our favorites! Learning the Letter G is easy, with these fun books to read and enjoy with your little one.

1. The Gruffalo

Taking a stroll through the deep, dark woods, a mouse meets a fox, an owl, and a snake! What must the smart little mouse do when facing such danger? He must outsmart his foes! Check this great story out, here!

2. Giraffes Can’t Dance

This is the fantastic story of Gerald the giraffe! He wants nothing more than to be a great dancer, but it is hard with his long legs and neck! He finally learns to dance to his own tune, after a friend encourages him.

3. Are You a Grasshopper?

Lead your child through amazing discoveries about the natural world! This book focuses on grasshoppers. How do they make that strange sound? Beautiful illustrations accompany the tale of the grasshopper.

4. Just Add Glitter 

This story tells of a mysterious mail delivery! When they open it, glitter, glitter, EVERYWHERE. This little girl learns that there might be too much of a good thing.

5. When Grandma Gives You a Lemon Tree

Grandma gave a lemon, for their birthday! This clever story includes a delicious lemonade recipe, at the end! Celebrate the pleasures of patience, hard work, and nature! This book promotes limiting screen time, in a fun way!

6. The Goose Egg

Henrietta enjoys a quiet life. That is until she bumps her head and finds a real goose egg! When she tries to return the young goose to it’s family, she finds they have already flown South! What will Henrietta do with this flappy, noisy, exhausting little goose?

Letter G Books for Preschoolers

Preschool is the perfect time to get started on the alphabet! Learning the letters, now, is so helpful for the future of their education!

The letter G can be difficult! This makes it fun!

7. Giraffe In The Bath

Meet giraffe who is grubby and gross and needs a good bath… This lively story has humorous illustrations, ideal for children who are beginning to read for themselves or for reading aloud together. With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills. Guidance notes for parents are included at the back of the book.

Explore the garden, with your little one!

8. Little Lift and Look Garden

Explore the garden with little mouse, as she makes her way through the flowers and grass. Go with her to discover hungry birds, green speckled frogs, and buzzing bees along the way. This new series is perfect for younger children and babies. The chunky gatefold flaps, and peek-throughs are great for little hands to discover.

You thought the fart jokes ended on the letter F?

9. The Gas We Pass

The Gas We Pass explains how and why gas is produced and eliminated. Just as with all the titles in the best-selling My Body Science series, the material is simple, straightforward and refreshingly honest, and is presented with humor to appeal to both children and adults alike.

The letter G makes such different sounds, in this book!

10. Goat In A Boat

A lively story with humorous illustrations, this book will make your children giggle! It is ideal for children who are beginning to read for themselves. With simple rhyming text and phonic repetition, this cute story is specially designed to develop essential language and early reading skills. Guidance notes for parents/teachers are included at the back of the book!

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Which letter G book was your child’s favorite letter book?

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