Color By Letters F, G, H, I, J {Free Kids Printable}

Let’s work on F, G, H, I  and J  with these sweet  color by letters worksheets!

Color by numbers (and in this case by letters) are a fun way to learn numbers and the alphabet (or just do revisions on things already learned)!

Color by Letters

Color By Letters

These will be perfect for a quite afternoon when your kids want to do something fun and you want to sneak in some alphabet learning!

The Color by Letters   set includes:

  • 1  page  where kids have to color the F’s and f’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the G’s and g’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the H’s and h’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the I’s and i’s.
  • 1  page  where kids have to color the J’s and j’s.

Download here:

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Color by Letters Free Printable

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  1. Hello, I’m Vlaire and I’m a teacher, I like this set of worksheet so much! I would like to ask permission if I could include this worksheets to my school’s set of worksheet? Thank you for your time.

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