One of our kids favorite characters is Hank the Septopus. Hank is a seven-legged octopus from Disney/Pixar’s Finding Dory movie. Yes, you could consider this a big collection of octopus crafts for kids, but these octopi only have seven legs which is a pretty important detail! Use these septopus crafts at home or in the classroom for a little extra fun.

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We love Hank from Finding Dory!

Finding Dory Crafts Featuring Hank

Hank the Septopus (7 legged octopus) is such a fun character from Finding Dory. He’s a septopus, because he lost a tentacle! He is a master of disguise, as Octopi are with their camouflage. While he has a temper, he is still a good friend to Dory!

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Hank is one of our favorite Finding Dory characters and these Finding Dory Hank crafts are so awesome!

Hank the Septopus Crafts

1. Orange Hardware Glove Hank Craft

Kid Friendly Things to Do has a super easy orange hardware glove Hank.

2. Construction Paper Hank Craft

Karen at Desert Chica shows us how to make a construction paper Hank.

3. DIY Hank Halloween Costume

Get ahead on your child’s Hank Halloween costume with another fab D.I.Y. from Desert Chica.

15 Finding Dory Hank the Septopus Crafts- Hank slime- Finding dory and Hank paper craft- paper and tissue paper hank craft- hank costume- kids activities blog
Make slime, paper crafts, even a Hank costume!

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4. Finding Dory Hank Sensory Bottle Craft

We think your kids will love this sensory bottle with Hank and all of his fishy “Finding Dory” friends at Sunshine and Hurricanes.

5. DIY Finding Dory Hank Glitter Globe Craft

About a Mom has a genius idea for a Hank Glitter Globe.

6. Easy Finding Dory Hank Paper Bag Craft

Swap out orange craft paint for the pink and make our Paper Bag Octopus Craft.

7. Finding Dory Shadow Puppet Craft

Here’s Hank the shadow puppet fun from Adventure In a Box.

8. Hank the Septopus Toilet Paper Roll Craft

An empty paper towel or toilet paper roll can be easily transformed into Hank the septopus.

9. Finding Dory Hank Glitter Slime Craft

Hank get’s stuck in Finding Dory Glitter Slime from A Pumpkin and a Princess.

10. Simple Hank Construction Paper Craft

The Simple Parent shows you how to make an easy Hank construction paper craft.

11. Cute Finding Dory Hank Rock Craft

This Finding Dory Hank craft from Clementine County really “rocks”!

12. Easy Peasy Finding Dory Hank Paper Plate Craft

Easy Peasy and Fun has a super duper easy and fun Hank Paper Plate Craft.

13. Awesome Hank Straw Toppers Craft

Also at Easy Peasy and Fun are these super cute Hank Straw Toppers.

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Finding Dory Hank Recipes

15 Finding Dory Hank the Septopus Crafts and recipe- straw toppers- rice krispy treats- octopus hot dog- hank octopus sensory jar- kid activities blog
I love these Finding Dory Hank recipes!

14. Delicious Finding Dory Hank Hot Dog Recipe

Here’s Hank in hot dog form if you’re looking for a fun lunch time idea.

15. Sweet Finding Dory Hank Rice Krispie Treats Recipe

Mrs. Kathy King shows us how to make Hank rice krispie treats.

16. Tasty Hank Finding Dory Spaghetti Dog Recipe

Make lunch fun with these fun Spaghetti dogs swimming through the deep blue sea with “fish!” It looks like Hank!

More Octopus Crafts You Can Make Septopus Crafts

More Fun Finding Dory Crafts From Kids Activities Blog

Which Finding Dory Hank craft are you going to try?

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