We have the best alphabet activities for toddlers! If you’re wanting to teach your toddler the alphabet, then these alphabet activities for toddlers are a perfect way to start! While these alphabet activities are really great for kids of all ages, toddlers and preschoolers will greatly benefit from them. And the best part of these alphabet activities for toddlers is that they are not just educational, but super fun too! Try out these alphabet activities at home or in the classroom.

teach toddler the alphabet - learning activities for toddlers
Let’s learn with these fun alphabet activities for toddlers!


If you’ve ever wondered how to teach your toddler the alphabet, you’ve come to the right place! We have a great list of alphabet activities that will not only help your child learn and recognize each letters, but help them remember each letter as well. Plus, many of these fun alphabet activities also double as sensory activities or even fine motor skills practice.

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alphabet activities for toddlers

1. Toddler and Preschool Alphabet Packet

This preschool alphabet packet has activities, book ideas, and worksheets for every single letter.

2. Practice Letter Sounds

Practice the sounds letters make with alphabet phonics cards.

3. Letter Recognition Activity

This letter recognition activity doubles as a yummy snack.

4. Letter Zip Line

Make a letter zip line for a fun and exciting activity!

5. Letter Matching

Match letters in this simple alphabet learning game.

6. Alphabet Exercises

How fun are these alphabet exercises?!

7. Matching Upper and Lowercase Letters

Work on matching upper and lowercase letters with this alphabet sticky note wall via Busy Toddler.

8. Fishing For Letters

Go fishing for letters with this alphabet fishing game! via Five Minute Mom.

9. Erase The ABC’s

Erase the ABCs for an easy to set up game via Busy Toddler.

10. Alphabet Bean Literacy Game

Match letters with this alphabet bean literacy game via The Imagination Tree.

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teach toddler the alphabet - alphabet activities for toddlers with stickers, popsicle sticks, fishing, tokens, and paint. - kids activities blog
There are so many fun ways to learn your AbC’s!


11. No Mess Alphabet Painting Activity

Practice writing letters with this no-mess painting activity via Fun With Mama.

12. Pool Noodle Alphabet Match Game

How fun is this pool noodle alphabet match game? via A Dab of Glue Will Do.

13. Feed The Alphabet Monster

Feed the alphabet monster is a fun way to work on letter recognition via I Can Teach My Child.

14. Alphabet Hide and Seek

Play hide-and-seek with this alphabet game! via Busy Toddler.

15. Outdoor Letter Match Activity

An outdoor letter match activity is perfect for summer. via I Can Teach My Child.

16. Secret Letters Activity

Practice letter recognition with this secret letters activity via Busy Toddler.

17. Letter Name Recognition

Help toddlers work on name recognition with this pool noodle letter activity via Preschool Inspirations.

18. Letter Matching Activity

Grab an old box for this letter matching activity via School Time Snippets.

19. Play Say And Spray

Play say and spray this summer! via A Dab of Glue Will Do.

20. Tracing Letters

Practice tracing letters with this fun activity via The Stay-at-Home Mom Survival Guide.

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teach toddler the alphabet - collection of ideas- stickers, paint bags, water colors, tokens, and fishing for letters- kids activities blog
Toddlers and preschoolers will both benefit from these alphabet activities.

More Letter Learning Fun From Kids Activities Blog

Hopefully inspiration has hit that learning the alphabet is something that toddlers can have fun doing!

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