What is better than learning and snacking at the same time?? As a mom, I love simple snacks for my kids after school. These Alphabet Crackers are an easy and fun way for your kids to practice making words. DIY Alphabet Crackers

Supplies Needed:

Edible Pen (affiliate links) Crackers (we used wheat thins)

Fun ways to learn with Alphabet Crackers

  • Kids can write on their food.
  • Experiment changing letters to create new words in word families.
  • Put the letters in order as you sing the Alphabet song.
  • Give your kids a secret message or word.   They unscramble the letters to discover the message.
  • Try and figure out how many different words you can come up with using a handful of letters.
  • Make a letter puzzle.   Draw a giant letter between multiple crackers and assemble the letter.
DIY Alphabet Crackers We have some printable “missions” for your kids to do with their letters. You can use these “missions” with our DIY Alphabet crackers, or with a collection of scrabble pieces, letter flashcards, and more. These missions are great for station learning or for extra practice for elementary aged kids who finish their school/home work early. DIY Alphabet Crackers If you have more time on your hands, maybe you can make these alphabet cheese crackers, they are tasty – if time consuming!  

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  1. I love love this. We are going to make this for my daughters class. With a secret message either ” have a great summer” 🙂