We LOVE to play with our letters with these free kids printable Alphabet Phonics Clip Cards!   Do you love to play with your letters, too?

Download here:

Free Kids Printable Alphabet Phonics Clip Cards make letter learning FUN!

Free Kids Printable Alphabet Phonics Clip Cards

Have you ever used clip cards before?   These are a REALLY fun way to practice skills and make the drill a whole lot more fun.

How do you use them?   I’m so glad you asked!   Once you print them and cut them out, you can laminate them if you choose.   Then, you hand them over to your favorite little learner with a pile of clothes pins.

For these cards, kids are looking to see which picture begins with the letter shown on the card.   For example, “Z is for” … Zebra!   So your child should put the clothes pin on the picture of the zebra.

Kids LOVE to do these and they’ll enjoy them over and over!

Get your set of Alphabet Phonics Clip Cards!

Are you ready to print and play this fun game?

Click here to download and print: 

I hope you enjoy these Free Printable Alphabet Phonics Clip Cards from Little Learning Lovies and Kids Activities Blog!

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  1. Thank you for this wonderful resource. Our school hours have been extended and I found that my kids struggled to learn in that last hour. Now I can play a game with them that reinforces the Phonics and that is also fun for them.

  2. So I attempted to get the free clip cards and I said sign up and it said congrats the link will be emailed to me, but I never provided my email address. Not sure what’s going on with that.

    1. Hi Bethany,

      Thanks for letting me know…you are right! They weren’t working so I fixed them. You shouldn’t have an issue downloading them now. Sorry for the trouble.


  3. Hi, I am trying to sign up for a free trial, but I keep getting an error message stating that my password isn’t strong enough. Could you please explain how ReginaERWIN1252! isn’t a strong password. I really don’t know what else I could possibly add. It has capital and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols and is 16 characters long. I tried other passwords, but continued to get the same message. I’m starting to thing this is a ploy to either get possible followers to either give up or opt to pay. Since I have been offered the option to peruse the activities before making the commitment to join, I’d like to do that first. Please advise how to do so, because as it stands I CANNOT join to use a free account!