Alphabet games are great for our kids learning and development!  This learning activity will have your child excited about identifying and learning letters. Kids Activities Blog hopes you have a great time with this fun alphabet learning activity. Kids Activities Blog is excited to welcome Jeannie as Quirky Momma for the day to share this great alphabet game learning activity!  

Alaphabet Game

Alphabet Game


  • Posterboard (or large paper of some kind)
  • Alphabet letters (I used the foam ones from our bathtub…but any large letters will do)
  • Markers (to trace the outlines of the letters)
Started by laying out the letters in order on the posterboard, and traced around them (using pencil helps avoid marking up the letters). If you used pencil, then removed the letters and retraced over the pencil lines in sharpie markers. Next, take a bucket of letters into your backyard and “hide” them around the yard, much like you would do for an easter egg hunt. Finally, start the alphabet game! My son would run out into the yard to retrieve a few letters and hold the letters up proudly as he ran back. Then, he’d search for the outlines on the poster for each letter, and set them in place. When he got each letter in the right spot on the poster, I’d sing a little song about the letter and it’s sound (like they do on the leapfrog letter factory). Alphabet Learning Kids Activity When all the letters were in place, we sang the alphabet song in celebration. After which, he handed me the letters to put back out in the yard so we could do it again…and again…and again! :o) The game works equally well inside when the weather’s poor. Looking back on the project now, I wish I had laminated the poster, as it’s gotten a lot of use and is starting to get a bit worn and spotted. Jeannie is blessed to be a stay at home mom in Texas of a little boy who loves to play.

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