Comic Book Templates Free Kids Printable

It’s time to get creative and draw up our own story with a little help of the comic book templates!

Almost all kids love to make these and some of them even dream of being a comic writer when they grow up (a fun career if you ask me!).

Free Comic Book Templates

Comic Book Templates

Superheroes, fantasy characters or just every day life! Their imagination is their only limit and we all know it’s pretty much limitless! These are also great to get the kids writing!

The Comic Book Templates for Kids set includes:

  • 6 comic book pages with blank speech bubbles.
  • 4 blank pages without speech bubbles.

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Comic Book Template


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  1. Looks awesome! Sadly, the comic book templates are not free on the linked website. As far as I can tell, I would need to pay for a membership to download.

  2. Oh no! Thanks so much for letting me know. We will fix that ASAP!

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