I love my dogs, but they do not love certain things. Which is fine, I suppose dogs don’t have to love everything. But the things they hate are, well, weird. Like, My older two dogs LOVE empty water bottles. They carry them around, crinkle them, play with them. It’s adorable. The youngest? He’s not a fan. In fact, if you so much as drink out of a water bottle while he’s in the room he goes running. That…might have been my fault. See, when he was a puppy I thought he’d love playing with them as much as the older two. And so I called his name while he was in another room and tossed an empty bottle to him. One, he can’t catch. Two, it hit him on the head. Three, he’s been scared of them ever since. It didn’t hit him that hard, but he Definitely isn’t taking any chances. And this dog? Yeah, she’s not taking any chances on that crazy spinny thing in her owner’s hand. And it’s too cute! Take a look!

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