Let’s learn how to draw a car with simple steps that you can print and practice! Kids can make their own car drawing because the instructions are broken down into small car drawing steps so it easy for your kids to go from blank page to a car they can color in a snap! Use this easy car sketch guide at home or in the classroom.

how to draw a car step by step printed car drawing guide pdf shown with pages laying on a table with art and drawing supplies - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s draw a car with these simple car drawing steps!

car drawing easy SHAPES

Let’s learn to draw a simple vehicle using a straight lines and basic shapes. If you follow along with the step by step instructions, you will be making your own car drawing in minutes by looking at the example. Click the orange button to download the pdf version of this beginners step-by-step car art tutorial perfect for kids.


The 9 easy steps to draw a car - each step is shown with line drawings and the number of the step next to it - Kids Activities Blog
Here are the 9 easy steps to make your own car drawing!


How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog - each step added to the car over time starting with basic shapes

Everyone can learn how to draw a car! Grab a pencil and follow these simple instructions:

  1. Let’s start by drawing a rectangle; notice the front and top right corner are rounded.

    Step 1 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  2. Draw a trapeze with round edges, and erase extra lines.

    Step 2 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  3. Add three concentric circles on each side.

    Step 3 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  4. For the bumpers, draw two rounded rectangles on each side.

    Step 4 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  5. Add a line around the wheels and at the bottom of the main figure.

    Step 5 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  6. Draw two curved lines on each side – these are our car’s headlights.

    Step 6 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  7. To make the windows, draw two rectangles with rounded corners.

    Step 7 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  8. Add lines to make the doors, half a circle for the mirror, and a small door handle.

    Step 8 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

  9. You’re done! You can add details and make other changes as you like.

    Step 9 - How to Draw a Car - Kids Activities Blog

Ta-daa! Now you have a cool car drawing!

6 Drawing Easy Car Rules

  1. First and most importantly, remember that learning to draw is a process of drawing practice and no one draws a car well the first time, or second time…or tenth time!
  2. Even though it may seem strange, draw the shapes as described in the car drawing lesson and erase the extra lines. It might seem like a hassle and unnecessary, but it helps your brain draw proper shape and scale!
  3. If you are having difficulty with a certain step or series of steps, consider tracing the car drawing lesson example to practice the movements.
  4. Use a pencil and an eraser. Use the eraser more than the pencil!
  5. The first few times, follow the example and then after you master the simple drawing steps, embellish and add details and make changes to customize your own car drawing.
  6. Have fun!


I recommend printing these car drawing instructions because it’s easier to follow each step with a visual example.

Besides being a fun screen-free activity, learning how to draw a car is a creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages that helps them develop their creativity and imagination.

Drawing activities are so much fun! Kids can learn step by step how to draw a car and then customize it with colors and details so it can be as cool or classy as they want to.

how to draw a car step by step easy printable tutorial pdf shown stacked with art supplies around
Simple car drawing steps!


Once you have mastered the basic car shape, here are some modifications you can make to create your own customized car:

  • This car drawing resembles a cartoon car, but it can be drawn more realistic by adding additional details, making the body of the car longer and the top shorter with larger wheels.
  • Make a sedan by lengthening the body of the car and drawing an additional set of doors to make it a 4 door sedan.
  • Draw hubcaps and custom wheels on your car tires.
  • Exaggerate the height and length of the car to turn it into a school bus.
  • Copy the shape of the hood of the car on the back to create a trunk.
  • Remove the top altogether to draw a convertible car!

Most young kids have an obsession with cars. Race cars, elegant cars, sport cars – No matter what’s their favorite kind of car, this tutorial will have them drawing a simple car in a matter of minutes.

how to draw a cartoon car printed tutorial for kids on table surrounded by art supplies
Let’s follow the steps to make our own car sketch!

More easy drawing tutorials:

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You can find LOADS of super fun coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

You can find all kinds of awesome coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

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How did your car drawing turn out?

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