How to Draw a House

Learning how to draw a house is something most kids want to learn as soon as they grab a pencil… and that’s why we created this house drawing tutorial.

Our free how-to-draw a house easy tutorial includes three pages with detailed steps on how to create your own house sketch, a perfect activity for those days you need a quiet afternoon. Grab your pencil and let’s get started!

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Let’s learn how to draw a house!

Learning how to draw a house step by step

Whether your kid wants to learn how to draw a haunted house, or how to draw a dream house, we’ve got your back because our tutorial on how to draw a simple house is free and ready to be downloaded.

This house drawing tutorial has six easy steps to draw a simple house that anyone can follow. The best part is that it’s extremely customizable, so you or your little one can add as many details, patterns, and colors as wanted. You can draw a chimney, a cute porch, maybe even add some trees and clouds.

We recommend downloading and printing this tutorial so you and your little ones can use them as a visual guide.

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Print this house drawing tutorial and you’ll be drawing your own house sketches in no time!

Easy steps to draw a house

Follow this easy how to draw a big house step-by-step tutorial to learn how to draw a simple house.

Step 1: Let’s start! First, draw a rectangle.

Step 2: Add a trapezium on top of the rectangle, and erase extra lines.

Step 3: Draw the tip of a triangle in the upper center.

Step 4: Draw two lines coming down from the triangle, and erase all extra lines.

Step 5: Now it’s time for details! Add rectangles to make the door and windows, and a small circle to draw the doorknob.

Step 6: Now you can add as many details and color it as you want! Well done!

Your house sketch is done! Yay! You can add more windows, a tree, a puppy enjoying the sun… it’s completely up to you.

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Click the download button below to get our printable house drawing tutorial!

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How did your house drawing turn out?

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