Kinetic Sand is the rage at our house and it is surprisingly simple to make at home with this easy kinetic sand recipe. Our kids love to play with kinetic sand and it is a really fun sensory experience. It is definitely time for us to learn how to make the moldable magic sand for ourselves.  While the kids enjoy the fun of the beach, they are also getting a great sensory sand experience.

DIY Kinetic sand - how to make kinetic sand by adding slime in a bin and adding green slime and stirring it.
This homemade kinetic sand recipe is incredibly easy to make at home!

What is Kinetic Sand?

Kinetic sand resembles wet sand at the beach instead of dry or dusty sandbox sand. When playing with kinetic sand, it feels more like playdough because you can mold it and squish it and the grains of sand stick together emphasizing fine motor skills of little hands. Traditional Kinetic sand reacts this way because it is coated with a silicone type substance. Our homemade kinetic sand reacts this way because the slime ingredient coats each grain of sand like the silicone would which leads to hours of sensory play.

DIY Kinetic Sand

This kinetic sand recipe has a unique feel and the same elastic qualities as the store bought kinetic sand (regular sand, that is coated with silicone oil), it is similar to play dough in the way that you can mold it. But it also gritty (this version is even grittier than the store stuff) and it melts a bit like sand making it a must-have in your sensory play materials.

It is an easy craft and great way to entice kids to play in new ways. This sensory experience is one of those things that your kids will play with it for hours which makes it worth the effort of making kinetic sand. To me it is a mesmerizing experience, it feels just like wet sand and you can’t help but build sandcastles!

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What is Kinetic Sand Made Of?

  • Slime (make it here or you can buy it here)
  • Disposable Containers
  • Disposable Utensils (spoons)
  • Kitchen Sifter
  • Play Sand
Homemade Kinetic sand recipe that uses play sand and slime that is being mixed by the hands of a child.
The consistency of the homemade kinetic sand will allow for molding.

How to Make Kinetic Sand

  1. Get a batch of slime. You can buy it here or you can make your own slime.  We found that a stickier recipe – like our fake snot– makes our favorite consistency of kinetic sand.
  2. You will need disposable containers like a bowl and a stirring utensil (we ended up throwing away the spoon after the slime “glued” itself to the spoon we used for the mixture – don’t make the same mistake).
  3. Play sand. We attempted to remove the tiny pebbles from the sand (larger grains of natural sand if you are using real beach sand) to make it less gritty.  We used a kitchen sifter – but even with the small stones, the sand still “works”.
  4. Now, pour your slime into the sand and stir or mix it with the spoon until it clumps together.
  5. Once it is a “mound”, as is pictured above, you can use your hands and finish mixing in the sand.
  6.  Continue to add sand to your ball until it is no longer sticky. If it is still wet, add more sand!
  7. Mix the kinetic sand until it makes a ball and you now have homemade classic kinetic sand.
  8. Store your homemade kinetic sand in an air-tight container.

DIY Kinetic Sand Ratio

In our recipe, we used a half cup of slime for every cup of sand or a 1:2 slime to sand ratio. If you have more coarse sand or more fine sand, it will change that ratio a bit. Start with a little less than we suggest and then as you work with it, add more slime until you have the desired consistency. If it is too wet, then add more sand.

How Much Kinetic Sand Does this Recipe Make?

This sand slime recipe is scalable to be as big or as small as you want. It is loosely based on how much sand you use. If you use a cup of sand, you will have about a cup of kinetic sand to play with.


  • We used nearly half a cup of slime per every cup of sand (estimates).
  • One of the things I love about Kinetic Sand is that, while it IS messy, it is a lot less messy than either regular play sand or moon sand. It clumps together so the mess is less.
  • You still will want to put a shower curtain down before you play.
  • If you want a colored version like blue kinetic sand, use the food coloring of your desired color choice…you will need more than a few drops!
DIY kinetic sand made with slime and paly sand. It is being played with using purple plastic toys by little hands.
This kinetic sand recipe almost “melts away” during play which feels a little magical!

You can’t tell by the photos, but this sand is fluid. It sorta melts after you build with it. Slowly becoming a puddle of sand. It’s a sensory experience blast to play with!

How to Store Kinetic Sand

Traditional kinetic sand doesn’t really dry out because it uses a silicone coating that stays wet. Our homemade kinetic sand recipe is more like a homemade playdough or slime that can dry out over time. And you will want to keep it all in one place safe from spilling! An airtight container like a plastic bag or plastic storage container with a lid works great for storing your leftover kinetic sand for another play day. If it gets dry, add some drops of water to refresh it.

DIY Kinetic Sand Recipe FAQ

Does kinetic sand dry out?

The silicone coated traditional kinetic sand does not dry out, but our homemade version using slime will over time. You can revive it by adding more slime or try a little water – I like using a spray bottle.

What is the secret ingredient in kinetic sand?

Our secret ingredient is slime! It can be the store bought kind or our homemade version. Our favorite slime to use is the fake snot slime recipe because it is a little wetter than a traditional slime consistency.

Is kinetic sand safe?

Yes, although as with anything that might be eaten by children, you will want adult supervision because this is definitely not edible! If you are uncomfortable with your child’s hands having exposure to borax, you can simply use a borax-free slime as an additive.

Is kinetic sand toxic?

Our homemade version of kinetic sand is not toxic. It uses everyday ingredients like sandbox sand, school glue and liquid starch. None of these ingredients should be ingested, but playing with kinetic sand with your hands is safe.

Can you make kinetic sand without sand?

We have substituted corn meal for sand. It will change the amount of slime required because the cornmeal tends to soak up the liquid in the slime more than sand does.

What happens if you put kinetic sand in water?

Our homemade kinetic sand will keep getting wetter and wetter. If it gets too wet, simply let it dry out a bit before storing it.

Is kinetic sand bad for dogs?

Yes, your dog should not eat kinetic sand. Your dog should stick to dog food. Because none of the ingredients in our homemade kinetic sand are toxic, it will likely result in a stomach ache, but don’t take the chance!

Is kinetic sand made with glue?

Our homemade kinetic slime is made with glue. We used a school glitter glue, but any school glue will work.

What is kinetic sand good for?

Kinetic sand is really fun to play with. It will remind you of building sand castles on the beach! Kinetic sand is also a really fun sensory tool. Kids can explore all sorts of textures and how they feel while playing with hand coordination and proprioception.

DIY How to Make Kinetic Sand

kinetic sand to make

Do your kids love playdough? If yes, they will love this sandy concoction. We have a recipe that shows you how to make kinetic sand.


  • Slime
  • Disposable Containers
  • Disposable Utensils (spoon)
  • Kitchen Sifter
  • Play Sand


  1. Either buy or make slime and add it to the disposable container.
  2. Use a kitchen sifter to remove small stones from the sand.
  3. Add your slime to the sand and stir until is clumps together.
  4. Use your hands to finish mixing in sand until your ball of kinetic sand is no longer sticky.


We used nearly half a cup of slime per every cup of sand.

Kinetic Sand Recipe after completed - Squishing kinetic sand in hands
My kids love playing with the homemade kinetic sand!

More Kinetic Sand Fun & Fine Motor Skills Play

What did your kids think of making their own homemade kinetic sand recipe? How did they play with the sand…endless ways?

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  1. I did something similar with my boys once when they were younger…I can’t remember what it was called. But it was made out of pumpkin. LOL. They loved driving their “mighty machines” in it!

  2. @Irion – Ha! I know how you feel. Our DIY often goes awry, but this kinetic sand recipe is pretty easy and fool-proof…even for us. But there are a lot of store bought kinetic sands that are not super expensive and fun to play with at home. My favorite place for kids with kinetic sand is on the back porch so that the clean up is easy.

  3. I will definitely try this with my kids. I probably will buy it, instead of making it since my DIY activities never go as planned.