7 Fun Easter Egg Alternatives that Do Not Require Egg Dyeing

These fun ideas for Easter egg alternatives do not require any dyeing, dipping, dripping or mess!

Easter egg dyeing is one of my favorite artsy activities to do with my kids this time of year.

But when you don’t have any hard-boiled eggs? What if you don’t want to make a mess? What if you just want to try something new this year.

No Dye Easter Egg Alternatives for Kids - Kids Activities Blog
So many fun no-dye ideas for Easter eggs!

You can think outside the traditional egg this Easter with these crafty activities that both you and your kids will love.

Birdseed Easter Eggs to Hang in the Trees

I love this recipe from Redeem Your Ground for hanging bird feeders created from a plastic egg “mold”.  The benefit of using plastic eggs as molds is that you usually have a bunch!

Plastic egg mold birdseed feeders hanging in tree from Redeem Your Ground - eggs hanging in the trees ready for birds
These birdseed eggs from Redeem Your Ground are soooo cool.

Making Birdseed Eggs

Use the recipe from Redeem Your Ground or we have done something similar with just two ingredients plus several dozen plastic Easter eggs:

  • gelatin mix (unflavored)
  • bird seed

Make the gelatin per the box instructions, then mix in 10 cups of bird seed:

  1. You may want to divide this up so you’re not making it all at once… because this recipe will get make anywhere from three to four dozen “eggs!”
  2. To form the bird seed eggs, spray the plastic eggs with cooking spray.
  3. Once you’ve done that, pack the mixture into the eggs and put them in the fridge so they can harden.
  4. Once they’ve formed, you can pop them out of the eggs and leave them as treats in your yard for the birds… and maybe even the squirrels too. 

Paper Eggs Craft for Kids

This is one of the ways that making paper eggs with kids can be so fun!  Check out how kids of all ages can do this and end up with a work of art!

From Mrs. Green Art Art Baby, she had the kids paint card stock paper or light cardboard with egg patterns and then cut out egg shapes.  What I love is the fact that the egg shapes are not perfect add to their charm…

Check out this paper Easter eggs idea from here at Kids Activities Blog which can use any left-over craft supplies, paper and fabric scraps you may have on hand.

Colorful Easter Eggs

Decorate Easter Eggs With Stickers

Rather than using messy dye to color eggs, decorate eggs, you can do it with stickers.  It is great fun to do this on hardboiled eggs, but if you want them to last longer, you could use plastic Easter eggs or even check out these cool wooden eggs that could be used year after year.

Make a Face Egg

Make use of the Easter egg’s shape and create a face with stickers.  There are several really fun sets of stickers you could use:

Eggs Decorated with Stickers - Kids Activities Blog
Silly face stickers are a fun way to decorate Easter eggs without a mess!

Foam Stickers to Decorate Easter Eggs

These foam stickers transform any type of Easter egg into cute little Easter creatures like lamb, chick or the Easter bunny.  You can find them at Oriental Trading Company.

Easter eggs decorated with foam stickers from Oriental Trading Company - Kids Activities Blog
Foam stickers are a fun no-mess way to decorate Easter eggs!

Make Egg Buddies

Let’s have a little fun with our food…egg buddies that wear egg pants.

Yep, I said egg pants.

Are you looking  to bring a little fun to the breakfast table?  Egg Buddies are nutritious, silly, and fun for kids to make and eat.

Serve them with fruit, toast, and orange juice for a delicious, easy breakfast.  Or if you just want to take the idea as a decoration, you could use plastic or wooden eggs instead.

Get all the instructions for these cute egg buddies or egg with a face…

Easter egg buddies idea for decorating eggs - Kids Activities Blog
These cute egg buddies are perfect for Easter!

Decorate Eggs with Markers 

Have you seen the TV ads for Eggmazing Decorator and wondered if it really works as well as it appears?

It works well with kids!  Check out our Eggmazing review here at Kids Activities Blog.

And grab the kids because Eggmazing will keep them decorating without a mess…

Eggmazing Easter Egg Decorating for Kids
Here are three different eggs we decorated with Eggmazing

Gak Filled Easter Eggs

Science experiment plus Easter craft? Yes, please!

Are you looking for a fun, non-candy treat for Easter eggs?

We’ve got you covered!

Kids will love the oozy, gooey, slimy fun of Gak Filled Easter Eggs!

So if you are looking for what to fill plastic eggs with…we have you covered!

Gak filled Easter eggs
These Easter eggs are always a hit with kids!

String Wrapped Eggs Craft

Use plastic eggs with several vertical stripes of glue to wind string around.  This is easiest if you start with the string attached at first (let the glue dry so the string is attached securely to the egg before winding further).

These eggs turn out like works of art!

String Wrapped Plastic Easter Eggs - Kids Activities Blog
The eggs turn out very differently based on the string used!

Marbled Egg Craft

This Easter egg art melds science with art.

Your kids will ooh and ahh over the transformation.

For this craft, you’ll need: nail polish, water, plastic bin, newspaper, and watercolor paper cut into egg shapes.

Homemade Easter Egg Cards

My kids adore creating art and writing notes for family members. This year, I’m combining their love of notes with an Easter craft to make Easter egg cards. To make these cards, all you need is card stock and any other craft supplies you have handy. 

Even if you don’t have real eggs, there are still so many fun Easter egg activities and crafts to do. You can also get our printable Easter card here.


OK, so we have gone a little coloring page crazy lately, but all things spring-y and Easter are so fun to color:

What is your favorite non-Easter-egg-dyeing alternative for Easter egg fun!

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