Make an Easter Egg Garland Craft for Preschool [Great Fine Motor Activity]

Let’s make the cutest Easter Egg Garland together!  This fine motor craft is perfect for preschool and Kindergarten age kids.  This Easter paper craft can be adapted for classroom or home crafters of all ages!

This sweet Easter craft for kids can bring smiles to the craft table and brighten your home (or classroom) as sweet decorations.  

Make an Easter Egg Garland Craft with Preschoolers - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an Easter Egg Garland decoration!


This Easter Egg Garland could also be used as a countdown to the Easter holiday.  

We always love when crafts double as holiday decorations as well!  That is exactly the case with this Easter paper craft.

Preschool Easter Egg Paper Garland Craft

There are so many fun ways that you can “decorate” your Easter eggs for the Easter egg garland.  You can see the example above of using markers to “paint” the egg deep colorful rainbow colors.  Another example of that can be seen below.

We wanted to make this as simple as possible for preschool fingers to be able to make beautifully decorated eggs successfully while practicing some necessary fine motor skills without frustration.

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Easter garland supplies

Supplies Needed to Make a Paper Easter Egg Garland

Make a garland of Easter eggs {Easter crafts for kids}

Instructions for Making Paper Easter Egg Garland

Step 1

We began by drawing Easter egg shapes on our paper. We traced around an egg shaped cookie cutter but you could draw the eggs freehand if you didn’t have a cookie cutter. This was a great opportunity for practicing the pincer grip.

Fine Motor Tip:  If your child is having difficulty holding a pencil, check out this information about how to hold a pencil plus what to do when that is difficult.

Step 2

After drawing your egg shapes on the paper, cut the egg shapes using the scissors.

Kids love this easy Easter craft to make a garland of Easter eggs

Step 3

After the egg shapes have been cut out, it’s time to get decorating!

For Preschoolers

 We stuck dot stickers onto the eggs. This was a fantastic activity for practicing fine motor skills. If you don’t have any dot stickers on hand, any stickers would look fun and colorful!

For Older Kids

Let them decorate the paper egg shapes any way they want!  Grab the crayons, markers, paint and glitter for unlimited egg decorating ideas.

This Easter craft for kids is also a great fine motor skills activity

Step 4

Once all the eggs were decorated, we used a hole punch to add two holes at the top of each egg.  

This was another great fine motor skills activity and a brilliant opportunity to strengthen those hand muscles – very important for mastering handwriting later on.

Step 5

After making two holes in each egg, it was time the thread the eggs onto some string so that the garland could be hung on the wall.

Threading is yet another fantastic way to practice fine motor skills. My son really enjoys threading and he had a great time stringing these eggs.

Countdown to Easter with this Easter craft for kids! Make a garland of Easter eggs!

Easter Egg Garland Decoration

After threading all the eggs on to the string, it’s time to hang up your garland and admire your colorful work!

We hung ours on the wall but it would look so colorful and fun across a window or even under a door frame.

paper Easter egg garland hanging on a wall with colorful paper Easter eggs
Instead of using a hole punch, use cute little clothespins!

Another Way to Hang Easter Egg Garland

We talked about using a hole punch above to punch holes to allow for threading of the string or twine to hang the garland.  Another option is to use tiny clothespins. Or regular sized clothespins work too!

Pinching the clothes pins to hang the Easter eggs also develops fine motor skills and strength.

Using Easter Egg Garland as Countdown to Easter

After we had hung up our garland, my son decided that he wanted to use the garland for a countdown to Easter:

  1. Leave off as many eggs as there are days until Easter.
  2. Each day add an Easter egg to the Garland.
  3. Your garland will grow as Easter approaches.

If you are working on numbers or counting you could work those lessons into the number of dots on each remaining egg or write numbers on the eggs for the countdown or even the calendar date.


Easter Preschool Packet

Did your kids have fun making an Easter egg garland craft?


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