Make an Easter Egg Bag with a Lunch Sack

This easy and fun Easter Egg Bag craft is the perfect way for toddlers and preschoolers to carry their Easter eggs.  They can express their creativity with this simple construction paper Easter egg craft.

Your Easter egg bag requires minimal craft supplies, and is super easy for home, school, or daycare.

Make Easter Egg Bags out of brown paper bag and construction paper - shown on table completed
Create your own Easter egg bag with supplies you already have at home.

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DIY Easter Egg Bag Craft for Kids

We love creating fun, seasonal bags for holidays!

This little bag is perfect for Easter eggs, candy, and small toys usually acquired at Easter egg hunts.  You can even use it on your egg hunt (just fill with some basket grass).

Kids will love crafting and then using it later.

Supplies Needed to Make Easter Egg Bag

Easter Egg Bags craft supplies needed - brown lunch sack, glue, crayons, construction paper
Gather the supplies you need to make this paper egg craft!

Directions to Make DIY Easter Egg Bag

Step 1

After gathering supplies, cut the white construction paper into a large egg shape.  Younger kids will need this completed for them which you can do ahead of time if you are doing this in a group.  Older kids will love figuring out how to create an oval from a piece of white construction paper.

Step 2

Invite kids to decorate their eggs.

We used crayons, but kids could also use stickers, stencils, or paint.  There is no right or wrong way to decorate an Easter egg!

Easter Egg Bags decorating the Easter egg with crayons
We decorated our Easter eggs with crayons!

Step 3

When your child is finished decorating their egg, invite them to glue it onto the brown paper lunch bag.

Easter Egg Bags step 3 - glue the decorated egg onto the brown paper lunch bag
Now it is time to glue the decorated Easter egg to the brown lunch sack…

Step 4

Cut the bag around the egg so the top of the bag is round once it is glued in place.  This makes it easier to make sure it is done easily.

Easter Egg Bags step 4 - cut the brown lunch sack round at the top
Use scissors to trim excess brown paper bag at the top of the egg bag.

Step 5

Glue a 1 inch strip of paper to the inside of the bag, creating a handle for the Easter egg bag.

 All the steps for making an Easter egg bag - supplies needed, decorating paper egg, adding the brown lunch sack and handle
Such an easy Easter craft that is great for home, school or church!

There you have it!  Your Easter egg bag craft is completed and ready for fun.

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Did you and your children enjoy making this Easter craft? Let us know in the comments below, we’d love to hear! 


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