Simple & Fun Preschool Easter Egg Craft

Young children will love to make this Preschool Easter Egg Craft using leftover plastic Easter eggs.

It’s such a simple, yet fun, kids Easter craft idea that uses the inexpensive plastic Easter eggs you already have, paint, paper, and a little creativity to make this spring craft. 
preschool easter egg craft

Preschool Easter Egg Craft

This Preschool Easter Egg Craft is a really fun Easter activity, but it also is a great way to teach and reinforce several Kindergarten-ready skills that preschoolers need. 

Preschool Crafting Skills

This preschool art project will help reinforce and teach these preschool necessary skills:

  • Knowing colors
  • Identifying shapes
  • Counting
  • Fine motor skills: using a pencil to trace
  • Scissors skills
  • Practice of good hand and eye coordination as they stamp

As a mom, I just love this spring Easter craft because it uses things I already have at home, didn’t require much set up and we were able to contain the craft mess afterward!  I think this would make a really easy preschool classroom craft because it would be easy to supervise multiple children while doing this art project.

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preschool easter egg craft

Supplies Needed to Make Preschool Egg Painting Craft

preschool easter egg craft

Instructions for Preschool Easter Egg Stamping Art

Set Up for Each Child

First, set up your crafting area. We put craft paint on a paper plate and had all of our plastic eggs ready in one spot. We covered our crafting area with paper to contain the inevitable mess that happens when kids craft.
preschool easter egg craft

Step 1

Take a pencil and very lightly draw an egg shape onto the poster board.

Preschool craft tip:  You can help kids who need it make the oval shape or find something around the house that could be traced. I found a cheap plastic deviled egg tray and used that to help guide my child. Great time to practice tracing skills!

preschool easter egg craft

Step 2

Kids can use scissors to cut out the egg shape. This does not need to be perfect or even close to perfect!  Part of the charm of the finished Easter art is if it has its own character!

preschool easter egg craft

Step 3

Now it’s time for the fun part–decorating your Easter egg craft! 

preschool easter egg craft

To decorate, simply guide your child to dip the halves of the plastic Easter eggs into the craft paint on the paper plate and them stamp it onto your cut out Easter egg.

The stamped Easter egg halves will make really cool circles that they can line up, be random or interlocking.

Let them get as creative as they want.

preschool easter egg craft

(Optional) Step 4

My kid also used a spouncer to create solid polka dots on her egg.

preschool easter egg craft

She used the same stamping technique as we used with the Easter egg halves with the sponge.

We really liked the way her final piece of Easter egg art turned out…

preschool easter egg craft

Quick Summary of all the Preschool Easter Egg Stamping Craft Steps

We thought it would be fun to put everything together in one place to show all the steps we took to make this super cute and easy Easter Egg stamped painting.

preschool easter egg craft

More Fun Ways to Use the Plastic Easter Eggs with Preschoolers

Try painting with the entire Easter egg {Don’t separate it}. Roll the Easter egg around in the paint and then roll it around the paper. This version is a lot messier but just as fun.

Use the Easter egg halves as a stencil for tracing circles. The Easter egg is a little easier for preschoolers to hold onto. You may have to help them hold the egg half down at first. As they get used to tracing, you should be able to touch the egg less and less.

Plastic Easter egg ideas:

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Did your kids enjoy making this Easter egg stamp craft?


  1. Love it! Colorful and easy craft…my kind of project!

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