Traditional cascarones are filled with confetti and today we are bringing the Easter spirit to fill our real egg shells with candy instead! Kids of all ages love the surprise held by candy cascarones and they make great Easter basket fillers or Easter gifts for friends and family.

Candy Cascarones shown in a paint can container with window and Easter paper grass in all different colors of colored Easter eggs.

DIY Candy Cascarones

When we moved to Texas, I was first introduced to cascarones which are brightly colored, confetti-filled eggshells that you throw or smash over someone’s head to shower them with confetti.

There just isn’t much better than a confetti cascarone…until now! Let’s fill those eggs with candy.

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There are so many plastic eggs around Easter. I love that using real egg shells is easier on the environment.  Plus there’s so much more room for creativity and fun!

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How to Make Candy Filled EggShells

Supplies Needed to Make Candy Cascarones

Steps to make homemade candy filled Cascarones or Filled eggs Easter treats - text: step 1: blow out and dye your eggs, step 2: glue on mini muffin liners 3. gift and crack
Let’s make homemade cascarones by filling colorful eggshells with candy!

Instructions to Make Candy Filled Egg Shells – Cascarones

Step 1

Normally the first step step would be blowing out an egg through a very small hole, but for this easy candy cascarones craft:

  1. Gently use a spoon to crack just one tip of the egg.
  2. Pick off the extra broken eggshell pieces at the end.
  3. Let the contents of the egg – egg yolk and egg white – fall out into a bowl.

The hole you make at the end doesn’t need to be tiny since you’re covering it up with the cupcake liner and it won’t be seen.

Egg Tip:  Don’t throw away the raw egg whites and yolk – refrigerate and save them for your next omelet or have some baking projects lined up.

Step 2

Boil the empty egg shells for 10 minutes. 

Boiling the egg shells before inserting candy should deal with contamination issues. If you’re still feeling unsure about food safety, use wrapped candies instead or fill the eggs with small toys and stickers for Easter.

(Optional) Step 3

If you started with colored Easter eggs, skip to the next step.

Time to dye the eggs or decorate them any way you’d like. You can even leave the eggs plain white! Color your empty eggshells and allow them to dry.

Step 4

Time to fill the eggs through the hole in one end of the egg. Add your candy, toys or stickers to the secret egg hiding place.

Egg filling tip:  Buy more candy or toys and stickers than you think will fit inside the eggs…it’s surprisingly roomy in there! You could even roll up a small bracelet or necklace.

Step 5

Glue cupcake liners to the bottom of the egg covering the hole. When filling the cascarones with candy, I like to use edible glue for this step. If you are filling with toys and stickers, then school glue works great.

After applying the glue to the egg and attaching the liner, place your egg back into the egg carton for a safe place for it to wait until the glue dries.

Candy cascarones tutorial - shown is collage of candy used to fill the empty eggshells and child opening up the cascarone filled with candy
It is so fun to smash an egg and find a surprise inside!

Step 6

If your children are going to eat the candy you’ve put inside the eggs, crack the eggs on your kitchen table or another clean surface instead of outside.  

Yield: 12

Fill Eggshells with Candy for Homemade Candy Cascarones

candy filled eggs

This easy craft is inspired by traditional confetti filled cascarones which are colorful eggshells filled with confetti, but we are using candy instead for Easter! Follow the simple steps to make candy cascarones that will delight kids of all ages and adults too!

Active Time 20 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty Medium
Estimated Cost $5


  • White eggs or Colored Easter Eggs – Egg dying materials
  • Mini cupcake baking cups or muffin tin liners
  • Edible Glue
  • Easter candy or small toys and Easter stickers


  • Pot and boiling water for sterilizing blown out eggs
  • Spoon
  • bowl


  1. Gently use a spoon to crack one tip of an egg (this will be the bottom of your candy cascarone eventually)
  2. Pick off the extra broken eggshells
  3. Let the inside of the egg fall into a bowl - egg white and yolk
  4. Boil the empty egg shells for at least 10 minutes.
  5. Let cool.
  6. Color your eggs if you didn't start with colored eggs.
  7. Fill with candy, stickers or toys.
  8. If you are making candy cascarones, use edible glue to attach cupcake liners over the hole in the egg.
  9. Time to crack your eggs and have some candy fun!

Our Experience with Making Homemade Cascarones – Filled Eggs

I had to learn one thing…if your candy ends up getting dirty, don’t fret – you can always put the candy to good use by using it in a counting or sorting activity.

We learned that keeping the original egg carton was handy to have the kids sort the candy or toys/stickers by color or shape in the individual cups.  You also can write a number at the bottom of each individual egg cup in the carton and ask your child to fill up the cup with the right number of goodies for a simple math activity.

And of course, we ate a lot of candy!


Did your kids love making homemade candy cascarones?

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