Make Egg Buddies that Wear Egg Pants – Silly Breakfast Idea for Kids

Let’s have a little fun with our food…egg buddies that wear egg pants.

Yep, I said egg pants.

Are you looking  to bring a little fun to the breakfast table?  Egg Buddies are nutritious, silly, and fun for kids to make and eat.

Serve them with fruit, toast, and orange juice for a delicious, easy breakfast.

These would be great on Easter!

Make Egg Buddies for a fun breakfast idea! Two egg buddies show wearing egg pants with yarn hair and googly eyes
Have an egg buddy for breakfast!

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How to Make Egg Buddies 

Making egg buddies is a fun way to decorate eggs!  

Every time I open the refrigerator, I giggle at the sight of our Egg Buddies. My favorite part of them are their whimsical  pants  which make it look as if  they are standing up with round  little bellies.

Best of all, this activity is easy for little hands! It’s a fun boredom buster and a creative way to decorate Easter eggs.

To Make Egg Buddies You Will Need:

  • Dry, room-temperature hard boiled eggs*
  • Adhesive wiggly eyes
  • Yarn and/or pom poms
  • Sharpie marker
  • Egg pants or egg cups
  • Glue Dots

*Hard Boiled Egg Tip:  I have used an egg timer that you place into the water for the last 10 years or so and it is a complete lifesaver when you forget and look at the time when you put your eggs in the water!

Egg Buddies - step one - cooled and dried hard boiled egg ready for decoration
Start with a cool, dry hard boiled egg and gather your egg decorating supplies…

Faces to Draw on Eggs

Use the Sharpie  to draw faces on the eggs.  

We thought it was fun to experiment with drawing different feelings.

Egg Buddies - step 2 drawing faces on eggs - this egg shown with googly eyes and raised eye brows
Draw a face on the egg…you choose the emotion!

Secure the wiggly eyes to the eggs.

Stretch Glue Dots over the eggs where you wish to place yarn or pom poms.

The wiggly eyes and Glue Dots don’t stick very well to cold eggs. Use dry, room temperature eggs for best results.

angry Egg Buddies emotion - finished egg buddy with puzzled angry look on drawn face
I think the angry egg was the cutest!

Use yarn or pom poms to create “hair” for your Egg Buddies!

My youngest son used black pom poms to make a mohawk on his “angry” egg!

Egg Buddies with yarn hair from above
This egg buddy has a receding yarnline…get it?

Silly Simple Egg Craft for Kids

Egg Buddies are so silly and that’s why kids love them!

Psst…it has been easier to get them to eat eggs lately too!

Egg Buddies in pants - two finished egg buddies
Aren’t we cute in our egg pants?

For safety, don’t forget to remove  all wiggly eyes, hair, and pom poms before eating the eggs!  Obviously, young children will need additional supervision with this and any food craft.

Steps to Make Egg Buddies Craft

Egg Buddies are a fun breakfast treat for kids!

{Giggle} I just think these are so adorable!

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We hope you love these eggbuddies!

They’re so silly and fun.

Leave a comment and tell us– what’s your favorite way to bring some joy to your kid’s day?