Here’s an Easter egg craft for those of you who may not want to mess with decorating real eggs this year.  Try a simple pencil eraser as a stamp to color this Easter egg paper craft.  Kids Activities Blog knows you’ll appreciate that at least this kind of Easter egg decorating will not stain the tips of your fingers for days.

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Easter Egg Craft: Simple Pencil Eraser Stamps for kids

Easter Egg Craft

There is something wonderful about stamping. Children get to push or bang an object as hard at they can into a stamp pad to get the color as dark as they want it to be. There are all kinds of stamps available to children. We have some  commercially  made ones at my house, but it is the homemade ones that my son seems to like the best. He loves to search through this treasures and come up with new things to try. Many make great stamp and others don’t make the print on paper that he wants them too.

Pencil Erasers

We have found that  erasers  on the ends of pencils do a  great job. Primary pencils (pencils made for young children) are  the easiest to grasp and stamp with. They also make really big dots. It is so much easier to see your design coming together with them. Traditional    pencils are a little harder to hold and make very small dots.  Older children may love the detail you can add to a design when they are used better than the large dots from the primary pencil.

For this project my son used a primary pencil to create a pretty design on an egg cut out of construction paper. He was given  blue, red, and gold ink pads to work with.

I need to confess that I advocated trying to create the dots in the circle rather than just random dots placed all over the egg.  They came out  looking more like pentagons, but they are still pretty.

While I love the way this egg turned out, I think the next time we stamp I will give him free choices as to what he wants to display or not display in his artwork.  It will be fun to see what he comes up with all on his own. It will probably be even more beautiful.

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There are so many different ways to decorate this Easter egg craft.  Have you ever tried a pencil eraser stamp?  What a cute idea!  For more eggs-cellent kids activities like this one, take a hop over and look at some of these ideas:

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