Let’s make the cutest Easter baskets in four easy steps: download and print the free Easter basket template, color & decorate, cut with scissors and then paste into your own Easter basket. This fun Easter craft is great for kids of all ages and adults. Fill your bunny basket with eggs or Easter candy and use as decorations or give to a friend.

Make your own mini Easter Basket - printable craft designed by Jen Goode
Let’s make printable Easter baskets!

Free Easter Basket Template Printable

This March or April, if you’re looking for fun Easter paper crafts, this printable template pdf makes a cute little basket for Easter. At Kids Activities Blog we think holiday crafts are way more fun when they are EASY! Click on the green button to download the free Easter basket craft template now:

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Printable Easter basket template pdf file includes

Small Easter Basket template pdf - Kids Activities Blog
Print this paper Easter baskets to make template!
  • Basket template that folds into an Easter basket
  • Basket handle
  • Easter basket flowers
  • Happy Easter banner.

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Supplies Needed to Make Paper Easter Basket Printable Craft

*You can also use the Easter basket template printable as a template to cut out a basket DIY craft from your favorite scrapbook paper.

Instructions to Make Your Own Paper Easter Basket

Step 1

Step 1 - Color the Easter Basket template
The first thing we will do is to decorate the printable Easter basket template!

Color the pieces of the Easter basket outline. We used colored pencils to make colorful stripes on the sides of the Easter basket and then used each color in the stripes on a flower.  For the handle piece, we cross-hatched the colored pencil marks so it looked more like a traditional Easter basket.

The basket prints as a blank pattern so you can decorate it with whatever design  you prefer.

Step 2

Step 2 - Add cute little flowers to decorate your basket
The flowers are cute Easter cut out decorations for your basket.

Cut out the basket and the basket accessory pieces with scissors.

Step 3

Fold the Easter basket cut out along all the lines using the tabs to tuck inside.

Step 4

Step 3 - Glue the handle on the basket
Your easy Easter basket template includes an Easter basket handle.

Use the tabs to glue the basket template into an Easter basket shape.

Step 5

Glue on the handle and the the accessory pieces like flowers and the “Happy Easter” banner.

Craft tip: Once you decide where you want the handle to be, make a slit in the basket side to slip the end of the handle through and attach on the inside of the basket.

Step 6

Finished paper craft for Easter: Add the Happy Easter banner to your basket
You are done with your 3D Basket template!

Fill up your Easter basket craft with treats of your choice and give as a gift or enjoy yourself. 

Download & Print Easter Basket Template PDF Here

Have a little fun this Easter making treats to share with friends and family to fill your printable Easter baskets made from easy templates. Try making this free mini Easter Basket printable craft as a group activity or something to make with your own kids for an afternoon activity.

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How did your mini paper Easter basket craft turn out using our free printable basket template?

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    1. Hi, Barbara! It just worked for me when I tried. If you click the download button, a field pops up to enter your email address, and then the printable is sent directly to you. If you can’t find it in your inbox, please check your Spam folder, as depending on your email settings, sometimes it goes there. I am emailing the file to you now so that you have it, but wanted to explain for the future.

    1. Hi, Janet. Did you mean that you were having problems downloading it? I can help with that (I just emailed it to you!), but I am unable to help with your printer, unfortunately. Good luck!