Easy Colorful Paper Easter Eggs Craft for Kids

Let’s make paper Easter eggs!

You can make this colorful paper Easter egg craft with just a few supplies that you already have.  In fact, it is the perfect type of kids craft to empty the scraps drawer whether that be fabric or paper!

Colorful Easter Eggs craft made of paper - three large egg crafts shown with the words Colorful Paper Easter Eggs
Let’s make somer really cute BIG paper Easter eggs!

Use markers, crayons, scrap paper, glitter, or whatever you have on hand to create a fun work of art! It’s perfect for a spontaneous crafting session.

We originally wrote this article for the Imperial Sugar website where we used a sugar paste to decorate the paper eggs.  Check that out if you are looking for a glue alternative for this craft!

Make Colorful Paper Easter Eggs

I don’t know about you, but my favorite craft projects involve pulling out some craft supplies and letting kids go wild with their imaginations.

These Colorful Paper Easter Eggs are the perfect opportunity to let kids decorate their own eggs — without messy dyes.

Supplies to Make Decorated Paper Easter Egg Craft

  • Scrap paper – leftover scrapbooking supplies work great!
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue that dries clear
  • Paint brush
  • Markers
  • Some optional supplies we like to use:
    • Patterned scissors
    • Fabric scraps
    • Decorative trim like lace
    • Ribbon
    • Leftover wrapping paper scraps
    • Glitter glue
Paper Easter Eggs Craft for Kids - Three large colorful decorated finished craft eggs shown in purple paper grass
How will I ever decide how to decorate my paper egg?

Instructions to Make Decorated Paper Easter Egg Craft

    1. Trace or draw the largest egg shape you can fit onto a piece of colored construction paper.  This will be the base color of your paper egg.
    2. Turn the paper over so the egg shape is on the under side of the paper.  We will use it later for cutting out the egg.
    3. Paint a thin layer of glue across the top of the construction paper with a paint brush.
    4. Layer strips of patterned paper, fabric strips, stripes of leftover wrapping paper, ribbon or anything else you can think of on top of the glue.
    5. Once dried, you can add stripes made with marker or glitter glue, etc.
    6. Turn over and cut along the egg shape line.

We hope you have fun with this fun paper Easter Egg craft.

You could use them to decorate your home or they make really cute Easter cards if you just add a sentiment to the back side.

Paper Easter Egg Craft - small to decorate a pussy willow tree - Kids Activities Blog
Instead of big paper eggs, make smaller ones that could be hung on an Easter tree!

More Paper Easter Egg Craft Ideas

We showed you how to make large paper Easter eggs above, but what about making ornament (or egg) sized paper Easter eggs with an added ribbon loop glued on the back to hang from an “Easter tree”.  A really cute idea is to create an Easter tree from a bunch of cut pussy willow branches in a large vase.

You could take that a step further and use it at your Easter celebration with each person adding something they are thankful for to their decorated egg ornament.

Paper Easter Egg decorations from crafts for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Oh so many cute Easter ideas!


How did your kids decorate their paper Easter eggs?

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