Have you seen the TV ads for Eggmazing Decorator and wondered if it really works as well as it appears? Eggmazing promises Easter egg decoration that is no mess.

Eggmazing Kit - No mess Easter Egg Decorating - Eggmazing shown with markers
What is an Eggmazing?

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Eggmazing Egg Decorator for Easter Eggs

As a parent, the only thing I dread about easter egg decorating is the inevitable mess that comes with it. I’m always looking for no-mess Easter Egg Decorating ideas!

So when Eggmazing sent us an Eggmazing Egg Decorator to try out and show a new no mess way to color Easter eggs my answer was…YES!!!

The only supplies you need to decorate Easter eggs this way all come inside the Eggmazing Decorator Kit.

Nothing else is needed.

No Mess Easter Egg Decorating

No water, no dyes, no mess. Just the Eggmazing device and the markers that come in the kit…well, you need eggs too of course.

How Does the Eggmazing Decorator Work?

  1. Start with a cooled hard boiled egg.
  2. Place the egg in the Eggmazing device and turn it on.
  3. Once the Eggmazing is on it starts spinning the egg, use the provided markers to draw around the egg as it is spinning.
  4. When you have achieved the colors and egg decoration coverage you want, then turn it off.

EggMazing Egg Decorating Results

Here are some of the results we had immediately without trying very hard…

Eggmazing Eggs decorated by the Eggmazing decorator - shown are three eggs one orange and yellow, one with red white and blue stripes and a pinky purple one
These eggs were decorated very easily with the Eggmazing.

The process is super fun and the results really do look AMAZING. The possibilities for different colors and patterns to draw on the eggs are endless so kids can decorate eggs for hours without running out of cool ideas!

Eggmazing Eggs Dry Quickly

The markers that come in the Eggmazing kit are quick dry so you can pick your egg up almost immediately without making a mess!

We created several different designs.

My daughter is only 3 and she loved playing with it too which gave us a way to decorate Easter eggs with even the youngest kids in the family.

The Eggmazing is REALLY easy to use for all ages.

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What is your experience with the Eggmazing Decorating Kit?

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