With this free printable Easter card template, kids can make their own Happy Easter cards to send some Easter greetings. Use the printable Easter card for a quick way of making Easter cards with kids – just download, print & kids can decorate and give homemade Easter cards to friends and family.

Free Easter Cards to Print: Happy Easter Card for Kids to Decorate - printed pdf shown with kids coloring
How will your kids color this printable Easter card?

Happy Easter Cards Made By Kids

I like having my kids make simple little things to hand out or send around holidays like Easter.  It is such a win-win situation because the kids get to be creative and make homemade cards for Easter while blessing someone else with some happy Easter greetings.

Click the button to download and print this DIY Easter card template:

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Easter card making is a great activity for kids of all ages. These days sending a card to a friend or relative in the mail is a big deal! You can also create Easter cards to add to an Easter basket.

Easy Free Printable Easter Cards to Color

This simple printable Easter greeting card template can be colored, painted, decorated and kids can sign their name on the signature line at the bottom.  Because the concept is simple, it really works for kids of all ages:

  • Toddlers can color the printable Easter card
  • Preschoolers may add a little artistic flair with some additional colors and patterns
  • Kindergartners may grab a box of markers and create some Easter art
  • Grade schoolers and older kids might have some fun with watercolor paints, glitter and glue or making a collage
Coloring printable Easter card like an Easter coloring page - Kids Activities Blog
Choose how you are going to decorate your homemade Easter card!

Making Homemade Easter Cards from Printable Template

  1. Download & print the free Easter card pdf file with red button below.
  2. Gather your favorite craft supplies: crayons, markers, colored pencils, glitter glue, glue and scraps, paints, brushes…
  3. Decorate the printable Easter card.
  4. Sign the card.
  5. Send or hand to a friend!

I like the idea of gluing a little cotton ball tail onto the bunny!  Maybe just a small portion of a cotton ball so we can still send it in an envelope in the mail.

Happy Easter Printable Homemade Card finished by child
Greeting cards are so much better and more personal when they are homemade!

No matter how your child decorates their homemade Easter card, make a big deal about it and take a walk to the post office or mailbox!  Color in the letters and the adorable bunny outline for your own custom Easter card.

Sending homemade cards in the mail can be slightly more complicated because you will need to find an envelope and one that the card can fit into. Don’t worry if the envelope is lumpy.  We have send all sorts of irregular packages via US Post Office including sending Easter eggs in the mail!

Download & Print DIY Easter Card Template PDF File Here

Easter Cards For Kids

One easy way kids can cheer up others is by making Easter cards and giving them. If your child is having a fun time coloring Easter cards, print off several copies of the Easter cards to make and keep them busy. Kids can make a collection of homemade Easter cards and then:

  • Drop homemade Easter cards unexpectedly at neighbors front door.
  • Take them to the local nursing home to be given to the residents.
  • Share them with a local children’s hospital.
  • Make your homemade cards into Easter egg hunt invitations.
  • Add a little love and you will make the perfect card.


Did your kids like making Happy Easter cards with these Easter card printables?

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