We have so many ghost crafts and ghost projects! Kids of all ages will absolutely adore these Halloween ghost crafts. There are spooky ghost crafts and not-so-spooky crafts which are great for older kids and younger kids. Most of these crafts are budget-friendly and perfect for Halloween! Try these spooktacular ghost crafts whether you’re at home or in the classroom.

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes- ghost science experiment, light up ghosts, cloth ghosts, ghost lantern, ghost painting, treats, paper ghost, paper plate ghost- kids activities blog
We have so many great ghost crafts!

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without all sorts of ghost craft ideas! Whether it’s super simple ghost finger puppets for your little one, or a free printable for ghost poop, ghosts are a big part of Halloween!

If you want something different besides the basic tissue and lollipop ghost, try some of these fabulously spooky ideas this year.

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes- light up ghosts, ghost tea lights, luminaries- kids activities blog
Light up the night with these fun ghost luminary crafts!

Ghosts That Glow

Light up the sky with these light up ghost crafts. From Halloween decor to luminaries and more! You can make these fun Halloween crafts. These light up crafts are perfect for making Halloween really light up!

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes= ghost tortilla, ghost sucker, ghost pudding, ghost rice krispy- kids activities blog
These edible ghost crafts are so amazing!

Ghosts to Eat

These edible ghost crafts are spooktacularly great! From donuts, to pudding, cupcakes and more, these delicious Halloween recipes are perfect. And don’t worry, they’re not all sweet recipes, we even have a ghost quesadilla. Nom!

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes- ghost chocolate, ghost pancakes, ghost cookies
Make some delicious ghost pancakes for breakfast!
25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes- ghost mold, luminary, garland, footprint craft, party favor
I love the ghost candy favors! Such a simple craft and so cute.

Ghosts to Craft

I think the ghost favor bags are my favorite ghost craft. They’re all super cute like the footprint paint craft. And we even have fun crafts to make Halloween decor like ghost garland!

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes- sock ghost, paper plate ghost, spinning paper ghost, hanging ghost, floating head hanging ghost
The floating head ghost craft is so spooky!

Hanging Ghost Crafts

These crafts are a mix of fun not-so-spooky and spooky! Especially the floating hanging ghosts! These make the best Halloween decor! Perfect for Halloween parties!

25 Ghost Crafts and Recipes- exploding ghost, expanding ghost
These ghost experiments are so much fun!

Ghosts in Science

Who would have thought that Halloween could be so educational. Science and ghosts make learning fun.


There you have it – 30 Halloween craft ideas for kids! If you’re looking for more Halloween activities, we’ve compiled this list of 125+ Spooky Halloween Activities and Games for Kids.

Have you tried any of these ghost crafts? How did they turn out?

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