Halloween is one of my favorite food holidays! Sure, there is the store-bought candy – so. much. candy. But I prefer spending time in the kitchen, whipping up special homemade Halloween recipes that will delight my family and friends. 

It’s truly a holiday where you can be as creative as you want to be. You can make the craziest food concoctions, and they don’t have to look the least bit appetizing. In fact, oftentimes, the point is to make them look as disgusting as possible. But, of course, they have to taste delicious. 

30 Halloween Recipes collage with pictures of brain cupcakes, bacteria candy, frankenstein pops, banana pops, witch hat cookie, candy mix, ghost meringues, spooky fog drinks, pumpkin cheese pizza, candy bark, zombie eye cupcakes, frankenstein rice kripsies, werewolf kibble, toxic waste mac and cheese, jack o lantern quesadillas, pumpkin candy cup, and cream cheese brownies.

Here you’ll find Halloween recipes that are sure to please both kids and adults. There’s a wide variety of snacks and desserts you can serve at home or at a Halloween party – and even some Halloween foods that can be given out to trick-or-treaters or handed out in party goody bags. 


These cream cheese brownies will be a hit at your Halloween party! 

Cream cheese brownies stacked with fall leaves on top and a pumpkin in the background.

Add some fog to your spooky Halloween party drinks!

Two cups of green fog drinks with gummy worms coming out of them.

Your kids will go bananas for these Halloween banana pops treats!

Orange banana pop treats on a plate on an orange background.

These Jack-o-Lantern quesadillas are fun to make and eat! 

Three jack-o-lantern quesadillas with pumpkins in the background.

Your kids will gobble up these Frankenstein-inspired Rice Krispie treats! Via Frugal Coupon Living

Frankenstein Rice Krispie treats.

Throw together this Halloween party mix for all your monsters! Via Wholefully

Halloween party mix with popcorn, candy corn, chocolate pieces, and pretzels.


Whip up a batch of Halloween pumpkin muffins for your pumpkins! Via Play Learn Everyday

These Zombie chocolate covered strawberries will be a huge hit, whether they’re for the home or classroom. Via Parenting with Chaos 

Green zombie chocolate covered strawberries on a white plate.

Create a delightfully tasty edible owl. Via Artsy Craftsy Mom

Edible owl treat made of cookies, candy, and pretzels on a diamond-shaped white plate.

This edible petri dish “bacteria” is the best gross Halloween snack to bring to a gathering! Via Steamsational

Group of orange petri dishes full of candy bacteria on a white background.

Zombie eyeball cupcakes are so much fun to make – and eat! Via Simplistically Living 

Zombie eyeball cupcakes in black and white striped cupcake liners on a white plate with a purple background.

Boo! These Halloween ghost treats will disappear fast – kids and adults will inhale them! Via Served from Scratch

White ghost meringues on a brown counter.


Your monsters will inhale these chopped off finger foods! Via Emma Owl 

You need to try this hairy spider sandwich! Via Emma Owl

Spider sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles on a white background.

Enjoy these yummy Halloween pretzel spider webs! Via One Little Project 

Make and bake a Jack-o-Lantern cheese pizza! Via Spaceships and Laser Beams

Jack-o-lantern cheese pizza with peppers.

Transform lollipops into pumpkins, witches, and bats in under five minutes. An easy Halloween food for sure! Via In the Playroom

Orange and green Halloween lollipops with faces on a white background.

Make jiggly Halloween jello worms and then discuss the science behind gelatin. Via Steamsational


Your older kids are going to love making these Zombie brain cupcakes. Via Bren Did

Zombie brain cupcakes with pink icing and pink cupcake liners coming out of a cardboard box on a white background.

This Halloween bark is fun and easy to make! Via The Girl Who Ate Everything

Candy Corn Cookie bark in a candy decorated black bucket on a white background with candy corn in the background.

Draw spooky faces on your oranges and share them with friends! Such an easy and healthy Halloween snack. Via Danya Banya

A group of oranges with various Halloween faces drawn on them on a white background.

These Zombie candy cups will be the talk of your Halloween party! Via Hungry Happenings 

Green zombie candy cups with white candy bones on a gray background.

Zombie boogers will delight all the monsters in your home! Via McCormick

Green popcorn zombie boogers in orange containers, a metal scoop, and a white bowl.

Whip up this werewolf kibble for friends at your Halloween shindig or bag it up for a homemade sweet treat for trick-or-treaters! Via Big Bear’s Wife 

Werewolf kibble of cereal, chocolate, butterscotch chips, and pretzels mixed together in a spooky goblet with candles in the background.


These Frankenstein marshmallow pops will be perfect for your Halloween party! Via The Decorated Cookie 

Green Frankenstein marshmallows on white sticks in front of a purple background.

Your kids will love creating their own edible pumpkin candy cups! Via Oh Nuts

Pumpkin candy cup filled with various Halloween candy on a gray background.

Need a cute treat for your child’s harvest festival bake sale? These Halloween sprinkle cookies will work perfectly! Via Liv for Cake

Chocolate cookies dipped in white frosting and sprinkles on a wooden background with a pumpkin behind them.

Satisfy your child’s sweet tooth with these easy-to-make witch hat cookies. Via It’s Always Autumn

Witch hat wafer cone cookie held in a hand against a gray background.

Your kids will love this toxic waste macaroni and cheese – so much so that they’ll ask for seconds! Via Cooking with Curls 

Green dyed mac and cheese in a metal bowl with a black spoon.

Make yummy pumpkin muffins with your kiddos and have fun decorating each muffin with a different jack-o-lantern face.  Via Made for Mums

Which Halloween recipes are you most excited to make for your family and friends? Please share below in the comments. 

Need some Halloween activities and games to play at your Halloween party? We’ve got you covered. 

Happy baking and haunting!


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