This year we are thinking of throwing an epic Halloween party complete with costumes using all of these Halloween party ideas. Doesn’t that sound awesome? We love hosting Halloween parties – especially kid get-togethers because they are just so much fun. (And you can still get to bed early!) You will love all of these Halloween party ideas whether you’re throwing a Halloween party at home or in the classroom!

Kids Halloween party ideas- 10 Things You Need For A Super Halloween Party with invitations and cookies
Great Halloween party ideas all the party guests will love!

Halloween Party Hosting Ideas

Here are our top picks for everything you need to host a great Halloween party. These from invitations, to décor, and more, we gathered the best Halloween party ideas!

We found all of these on Etsy, our partner for this post. They have some of the best stuff! (This post contains affiliates.)

Things You Need For A Super Halloween Party

1. Halloween Party Invitations

Every great party starts with an invitation! We love this one because it’s super cute. If you aren’t partying in celebration of birthday, you can leave that line off.

Kids Halloween party ideas- An edible Halloween invitation with lollipops on it, ice cream, cakes, and monsters. It is black with orange and green and purple and white writing.
You can customize this Halloween invitation to say anything you want! So if it isn’t a birthday, you can leave that off.

2. Kids Halloween Party Decorations: Spider Garland

This spider garland is a fun way to add just a little spook to your decoration without being too scary. Don’t forget to add spider webs to make your house look like a real haunted house!

Kids Halloween party ideas- Kids Halloween Party Decorations: black spiders that looks like tarantulas
These creepy crawly Halloween decorations are sure to bring a spooky vibe to your Halloween party.

3. Halloween Confetti 

Then you can sprinkle this Halloween confetti on the tables! Confetti just makes everything more festive.

Kids Halloween party ideas- Halloween confetti: It comes with bats, pumpkins, ghosts, scary skeleton faces, and even cauldrons!
It comes with bats, pumpkins, ghosts, scary skeleton faces, and even cauldrons!

4. Halloween Polka Dot Balloons

Blow up a few balloons and your party decorations are almost set! These black and orange polka dot balloons are the perfect colors.

Kids Halloween party ideas- These Halloween Polka Dot Balloons are perfect for any Halloween party for kids! They are black with orange dots and orange with black dots.
These Halloween Polka Dot Balloons are perfect for any Halloween party for kids! You can’t have a party without balloons!

5. Halloween Printable Photo Booth Props

We love taking funny photo booth pictures at parties. These Halloween props are perfect for that!

Kids Halloween party ideas- Make your Halloween party photos memorable with these Halloween photo props.: a top hat with orange ribbon and spider web, a black mustache, a tie with black and green stripes, a black bat, bat glasses with a jackolantern mouth with a purple bow tie, a witches hat that is black with a purple ribbon with purple lips, bushy black eyebrows with big purple lips, a green bow tie, and an orange spider, all suspended on skinny dowels.
Make your Halloween party photos memorable with these Halloween photo props.

6. Boo! Cupcake Toppers

For a sweet treat, bake your favorite cupcakes then add these Halloween toppers – so easy.

Kids Halloween party ideas- 10 Things You Need For A Super Halloween Party

7. Halloween Cookies

Or get a batch of these incredible Halloween sugar cookies that look so nice I almost wouldn’t even want to eat them!

Kids Halloween party ideas- Halloween sugar cookies that look like pumpkins, frankenstein, a mummy, a sucker, a spider, a candy bowl, a round one that is orange with zigzags, a square one that is black with orange dots, and a square one that is yellow plaid.
Halloween sugar cookies decorated with royal icing are perfect for Halloween party favors or just a sweet treat!

8. Pumpkin Chocolate Candy Mold

You could also make some fun chocolate pumpkins with this plastic chocolate mold. Make your own chocolate bowls or candy bark and fill them with M&Ms, marshmallows, or candy corn.

Kids Halloween party ideas- A sheet of clear pumpkin molds.
Make your own coco bombs, candy bowls, ice cream bowls using these pumpkin molds.

9. Halloween Paper Straws

Grab these festive paper straws to add to your drinks. They’re so cute and festive, great for a Halloween party! And they all look different, you could use them to help figure out whose drink is who if it is a small get together.

Kids Halloween party ideas- Paper Halloween straws: black with white polka dots, white with green polka dots, white and purple zig zags, green and white zig zags, white and orange swirls, purple and white swirls, orange with black bats.
These Halloween straws are spooktacular! Every Halloween party needs this.

10. Printable Halloween Party Favor Ghost

Add a clever Halloween sticker to a Hershey bar for a fun treat on their way out. These party favors are definitely what you need for a great Halloween party!

Kids Halloween party ideas- Printable Halloween Party Favor Ghost with hershey bars in them. They also say Boo, have a little face with eyes, eyebrows and a O mouth.
Want a great Halloween party? Then have the best party favors!

11. Not So Scary Movies

We love a little ambience in the background and while horror movies are popular on Halloween, I think for these fun Halloween party ideas to be good for everyone, we should have some not so scary movies! A Halloween movie night and sweet treats are one of my favorite Halloween party ideas.

Kids Halloween party ideas- not so scary halloween movie blue ray and dvd gremlins, beetle juice, hotel Transylvania 1 and 2, Spookley, Goosebumps 1 and 2
Not so scary movies are great for kids and the whole family. Plus, every party needs a little background noise.

12. Halloween Party Idea: Monster Music

What’s monster music? It’s music like the Monster Mash and Thriller. If you don’t plan on having movies on in the background then you should totally have some fun music. It’s a great way to set a spooky mood and get everyone up on the scary dance floor. Older kids and younger kids will love it! It’s a scary good time!

Kids Halloween party ideas- The best of Halloween- 50 songs- monster mash ,love potion number 9, i put a spell on you, etc
Every Halloween party needs some fun and spooky music!

Halloween Party Games

13. Mummy Wrap Halloween Game

Mummy Wrap. Give each team of two people a roll of toilet paper. Whoever can wrap the other up like a mummy first, wins!

14. Pumpkin Races Halloween Game

Pumpkin Races. Placing a small pumpkin at the starting line, have kids race to push their pumpkin to the finish using only a broom.

15. Halloween Charades For Kids

Halloween Charades is the easiest game of all! Before the party, write down all sorts of Halloween words the kids can act out like mummy, zombie, pumpkin, witch, scarecrow, etc.

16. Witch Hat Ring Toss Halloween Game

This Witch hat ring toss Halloween game is perfect for a kid-friendly Halloween party. Its lots of fun!

We think with these fun ideas you might just have the best Halloween party ever!

Need More Halloween Party Ideas? We have A Ton Of Great Halloween Party Ideas From Kids Activities Blog: 

Kids Halloween party ideas- Spooky Fog Drinks for a Halloween Party - shown are 2 green dry ice drinks for kids with gummy worms coming out of the fog
What Halloween party is complete with out spooky fog drinks?!

Are you throwing a Halloween party this year? Let us know down below!

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