Have you ever seen pumpkin teeth before? I had never seen pumpkin teeth before and now I need them all! These plastic fake teeth will easily elevate your pumpkin carving to a whole new jack o lantern level. We have found several different types of jack o lantern plastic pumpkin teeth and you will want them all! It’s a great way to make a plain jack-o-lantern into something special and spooky.

Pumpkin teeth- carved pumpkin with white plastic teeth and text: better than this
Plastic pumpkin teeth are now much better than your vampire teeth!

Pumpkin Teeth for Jack O Lanterns

My husband loves to carve all sorts of extravagant designs into pumpkins every year but the one thing he doesn’t like to do – the teeth. Carving teeth in pumpkins is difficult and if you don’t do it just right, the teeth break off and you have a toothless pumpkin. Nobody wants that!

That’s why these Pumpkin Teeth Are Here to Make Carving Your Pumpkins Easier and they are totally brilliant!

Move over pumpkin flesh teeth…

Pumpkin teeth- jack o lantern with carved pumpkin flesh pumpkin teeth
Flesh pumpkin teeth are hard to carve and break easily…

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Plastic Teeth for Jack-O-Lanterns

It is time for a wide variety of pumpkin teeth made of sturdy plastic that can be easily added to your jack-o-lantern carving design.

Whether you are making a silly pumpkin or scary pumpkin, there is a pair of pumpkin teeth for you…

plastic pumpkin teeth packages - one with sharp plastic pumpkin teeth and the other with blunt pumpkin teeth for your jack o lantern this Halloween
Love these Halloween jack o lantern pumpkin teeth!

Teeth for Your Jack o Lantern

And honestly, the outcome is hilarious!

I must have scrolled the #pumpkinteeth for most of the afternoon!

Seeing all the creative ways people can use their pumpkin teeth is just too cool! Check out a few of these pumpkins with the plastic pumpkin teeth:

Awesome, right? And if you are in a rush come October, these are going to make some super epic and easy Jack-O-Lanterns! Even kids will love using these!

Pumpkin teeth- Pumpkin masters jack-o-lantern teeth on a wood background
Grab your pumpkin teeth today and make a super spooky jack-o=lantern!


I am loving these curled teeth. I think I am going to snag myself a pair!

Favorite Pumpkin Teeth Choices from Amazon

You can check out all the different pumpkin teeth on Amazon here.

How to Make Pumpkin Carving Easier

If you have kids in the house, you are always looking for shortcuts and tips for making things faster, easier and in this case…safer! Here are some of our favorite resources here at Kids Activities Blog to help make this Happy Halloween the happiest!

Do you love pumpkin teeth? Which are your favorite?

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