Disclosure: We’ve partnered with Page Street Publishing to share Emma Vanstone’s new book, Gross Science Experiments with you.

Did you try our previous book recommendation, Snackable Science Experiments, by Emma Vanstone? We’ve got another one for you today. Kids are going to love Emma’s new book, Gross Science Experiments.

boy holding the book Gross Science Experiments by Emma Vanstone

We are going to show you one of the fun, but gross, food experiments that is inside the book. This activity was perfect for my son. Kids love things that are gross and smelly, and this book has 60 smelly, scary, silly, and gross ideas for them to do. What I loved about this one though is it got him into the kitchen cooking his favorite snack, applesauce.

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cotton swabs made out of marshmallows and toothpicks that are covered in earwax applesauce

How to make earwax snacks

You will need a few ingredients to get started.


  • Apples – the recipe calls for 4, but we used 3 really large ones
  • 1 cup of water
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Cinnamon

You’ll also need a saucepan, wooden spoon, toothpicks, vegetable peeler, and knife.


Peel and roughly chop the apples and put them into a saucepan with the water. Cook until they are thick and sludgy.

Set the applesauce aside to cool while you put mini marshmallows on each end of a toothpick to make pretend cotton swabs.

Sprinkle cinnamon into your apple mixture to make it a darker color (more like earwax) and then dip your marshmallows into it.

instructions to make earwax snacks from mini marshmallows and applesauce

Now you’ve got edible earwax snacks to gross out your friends and family.

a boy holding a toothpick with marshmallows on the ends that look like a cotton swab covered in earwax

Watch our video below.

Gross Science Experiments is the perfect book for parents who are looking for screen-free educational fun for their kids. Kids will learn about bodily functions from saliva, to farts, their intestines, and even vomit. Ewwww. They’ll also learn about bugs, diseases, and other gross things.

It wouldn’t be fun though if it weren’t sticky, slimy, and dirty, and make everyone laugh.

You can purchase Gross Science Experiments on Amazon or in bookstores today!

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