Let’s play a candy guessing game. If your house is like mine, there is always too much Halloween candy around the holiday which is why I love this idea to use Halloween candy to play a game. This homemade game works well for younger kids and will double as dessert!

Halloween Candy Activity- a little girl is finding leftover Halloween candy under blue and green paper cups.
I loves games to play with Halloween candy. Let’s be honest, I just love leftover Halloween candy!

Candy Cup Guessing Game

This Halloween game is very similar to the shell game played on city streets everywhere, but there’s nothing illegal about our version and it is perfect for your preschool age child.

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And you don’t need a lot of items to make it. Most of them you will have already at home. Plus, it works on children’s problem solving skills and is a fantastic game to work on kids memory skills!

Supplies Needed for Candy Guessing Game

  • Leftover Halloween candy
  • Paper or plastic cups

Tip: Use Halloween candy you know your little one doesn’t like (in our case jelly beans), unless you want the game to turn into find the hidden candy in your child’s mouth!

How to Play This Candy Cup Guessing Game

halloween candy cup guessing game with a child finding green and pink gummies under blue and green paper cups.
This is such a fun memory game…and a tasty one too!

Step 1

Have your preschooler line up her cups.  Let her take her time setting up the cups since half of the fun in this game is getting everything ready.

Step 2

Then have her hide a piece of candy under one of the cups.  (We’re sneaking in some fine motor skills here, too, especially if you’re working with small candy!).

Step 3

You or she can move the cups around and line them up again in a new order.

Step 4

Let your preschooler find the hidden candy.

Candy guessing games are so much fun. The child is now putting more gummies under the cup to mix around for someone else to find.
Let the candy guessing games begin!

More Games to Play With Halloween Candy

This activity provided endless entertainment for my daughter, who really enjoyed the act of lining everything up properly over and over again.  It can be either a solitary activity or an interactive one, depending on your and your child’s preferences.

  • After playing solo for several minutes, my daughter brought me into the game, asking me to move the cups around for her to make the game more difficult or to guess where she had hidden the candy.
  • To extend this Halloween activity, use different colored cups so your child can create patterns as she lines up her row of cups.
  • You could play Halloween games with your preschooler like making  Candy Patterns or doing some  Candy Counting, and you can also get your little ghoul to work on her memory skills by playing this Candy Under The Cup Game.

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How do you deal with the mountains of leftover Halloween candy your children bring home? Did your preschoolers have fun with the candy guessing game?

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  1. Halloween celebration can include much more than just costumes and trick- or-treating. These easy Halloween games for kids will help to enjoy more.

    1. Haha! That happened when I brought out the Hershey’s Kisses for my daughter…she stayed away from the jelly beans, but chocolate is her weaknesses.