Halloween is here once again and that means we have a lot of leftover Halloween candy. But if you’re like me you don’t want your family binging for weeks.

So, we have found 10 ways to avoid sugar highs and cavities by limiting how much we eat (we can’t get rid of ALL of it) by finding other uses for it.

Things to do with leftover candy in a jack o lantern candy bin
What do we do with all our leftover Halloween candy?

What To Do With Leftover Halloween Candy

As I said, I don’t think we should get rid of ALL the candy. I think having a sweet treat once in a while is great, especially around the holidays. But I don’t think we need pounds of it when we can do better things with it.

I can’t promise we won’t turn it into a sweet treat later, but majority of the Halloween candy we will find other places for it.

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1. Take Leftover Candy To Work

Make everyone’s day a little sweeter at work by bringing the unused Halloween candy. Hand it out or put it in a candy dish and let everyone get their own.

2. Donate It To A Nursing Home or Shelter

This one is my favorite. Bring it to a homeless shelter or a nursing home. They’ll appreciate the leftover Halloween candy. They don’t normally get treats or see a lot of acts of kindness so this is a blessing.

3. Do a Candy Dentist Exchange

Call and see if your dentist or your child’s dentist does a candy exchange. Many dentists will buy the candy with cash and either get rid of it or donate it to the troops overseas. How cool!

4. Freeze that Candy

This one may seem weird, but freeze the chocolate and caramel and toffee for later. What will you do with it? Smash it and put it over ice cream!

5. Save Leftover Candy For Your Holiday Guests

Candy has a lot of additives in it so it lasts a long time as long as you keep it in cool temperatures. That makes Halloween candy perfect for later. Put it in a candy dish and let everyone get some sweets.

6. Melt The Chocolate For Chocolate Covered Fruits

Melt the chocolate like Hershey bars to dip strawberries, berries, and bananas in. Melt Reeses and dip bananas in the peanut butter chocolatey goodness!

7. Be Creative 

Be creative and use the leftover Halloween candy to make candy collages, sculptures, and gifts.

8. Stuff that Candy In A Piñata For The Next Party You Throw

Check the expiration date and save it for the next birthday party you throw. Fill up a piñata and let everyone enjoy the candy.

9. Return Bags of Candy You Didn’t Open

If you have bags of candy you didn’t use, grab your receipts and take it back!

10. Throw It Away!

I hate wasting stuff, but sometimes throwing stuff out is a good way. Throwing out too much Halloween candy is definitely a good thing. We don’t need all the sugar, calories, and additives. 

Hershey's, kit kat, reeses, to bake with- kids activities blog
Use your favorite candy to bake with!

11. Bake with Leftover Candy!

There are so many fun recipes you can use with leftover Halloween candy, here are a few of our favorites:

12. Make a Candy Necklace or Bracelet

This easy DIY candy necklace is the perfect solution for all that candy.

13. Play a Candy Game

This preschool guessing game is easy to set up and it uses that leftover candy from Halloween!

14. Donate It To A Local Food Bank

Most food banks prefer non-perishable items and don’t prefer sweet treats as they’re not filling. But if you have pounds of candy, you can always ask if your local food pantry is willing to take them.

15. Make Trash Bark With It

You don’t have to bake to make trash bark! Literally melt chocolate bars or leftover Halloween candy bars or even chocolate chips. You just need melted chocolate. Then add candy! Add leftover candy corn, kit kats, reese’s peanut butter cups, gummy worms, jelly beans, leftover m&m! This is a fun way and a great way to make a delicious treat with leftover sweets.

16. Donate It To First Responders

First Responders work hard day in and day out, ESPECIALLY on holidays like Halloween. Take some of your unopened bags of candy or leftover Halloween candy bars and take them over to police stations, fire stations, and give them to EMS as well!

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What are you doing with all that leftover Halloween candy?

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