St. Patrick’s Day Shake

This mint shake is a delightful green, non-alcoholic drink for St. Patrick’s Day! This will be a new festive family favorite!

Similar to a Shamrock Shake, our St. Patrick’s Day Shake is full of minty flavor and sweetness, and makes a great green St. Patrick’s Day recipe and celebratory drink!

St. Patrick's day drinks for kids: shamrock shake

Shamrock Shake Recipe For Kids

We’re not going to try to fool you into thinking our St. Patrick’s Day Mint Shake is a healthy St. Patrick’s Day recipe, but it’s a yummy treat you’ll want to bookmark asap. Try using organic ingredients if that makes you feel better…it’s another way to go “green.”

Why drive to the drive thru with when you can make this tasty treat, in the comfort of your own home, any time of the year?

You know how much we love green food to get your family in the mood for St. Patrick’s Day!

Shamrock shake recipe for kids that is green and white

Non-Alcoholic St. Patrick’s Day Drink

This copycat Shamrock shake recipe is amazing! It’s sweet, slightly minty, and full of delicious vanilla flavor! Don’t forget to pile on the whipped cream and green sprinkles! Make your St. Patrick’s day shake extra fancy!

Most of these ingredients are easy to find or perhaps you have most of them. We have help you get the rest! This post contains affiliate links. 

Ingredients Needed To Make This Delicious St. Patrick’s Day Shake

How To Make This St. Patrick’s Day Shake:

Inside a blender, add vanilla ice cream, milk, 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream, mint extract, and green food coloring.

Mix until well blended, adding more milk if necessary. Alternatively, you can use a stick blender to blend the ingredients.

Pour into serving glass. Top with prepared whipping cream and green sprinkles.

Depending on how thick your St. Patrick’s Day shake is you might want to use an extra large straw for drinking.

st patricks day shake


If you’re looking for a dairy free St. Patrick’s day dessert or a gluten free, you’re in the right place!

You can easily hack this recipe to make it a dairy free and gluten free St. Patrick’s Day shake by swapping out the following:

  • Conventional vanilla ice cream can be replaced with a non-dairy vanilla ice cream (rice milk, almond milk based, etc.).
  • You can use coconut milk in place of the whole milk, since it is thicker and creamy.
  • Replace the heavy whipping cream with a combination of coconut milk, add powdered sugar, and a touch of vanilla to taste.
  • There are healthier versions of food coloring based from vegetable dyes, in case you have a food dye allergy to worry about.
  • You can buy dairy free whipped cream for the topping, or you can take your coconut milk heavy cream mixture, and whip that until you reach the desired consistency.
  • Use all natural sprinkles, also made with vegetable dye for your garnish.

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We hope you love this non-alcoholic green drink your whole family can enjoy on St. Patrick’s Day! Tell us, what’s your favorite St. Patrick’s Day treat!